Tonner Pre-Toy Fair Release

 I'm just going to highlight just a few of the new releases. Stranger characters first.

Kermit The Frog - Wild Frogs (LE500) Price $69.99
He's cute, if you like frogs. I love the jacket. Kermit is 11" tall and is good friends with Miss Piggy.  ;-)
Futterwacken (LE300) Price $249.99
If I could rent this doll for a week, I'd do it. That's how I am with outrageous character dolls. I like them for a short period of time and then they get tiring. There's no point to redressing because their fashions and make up are what makes them special. I absolutely love the costume on this doll as I loved Tarrant, The Mad Hatter's costume previously.
Johnny Depp  head sculpt, 17" Mat O'Neill body, green eyes with red wigged hair, lily skintone.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dee (LE 100) $374. Set
These characters from Alice in Wonderland are resin. Outfits are removable but shoes and socks are painted. They have 5 points of articulation.
I always thought their names were Tweedle Dee Dee and Tweedle Dee Dum.
They were very funny in the movie and for an Alice fan, they will be an enchanting addition to a collection. They are cute.
2011 Cami Wigged Basic (LE500) Price $109.99
 This Cami comes with two wigs. The other one :
 The best thing about her is the inset eyes. That's a new feature - besides the fact that she and her sister releases do not have crimped hair. Yay. The other new Camis do not have inset eyes.
Damon Salvatore (LE1000) Price $169.99

 Thud! This guy is hot. He represents a character from the Vampire Diaries.
Damon has the 17" Matt O'Neill body, blue eyes and brunette wigged hair. Wigged hair on a male doll is, to me, always superior as it lays better.
James Collins (LE 500)
17" Matt O'Neill™ Body; Brown Eyes, Raven Hair, Tan Skintone
Price $ 189.99
James Collins is so vanilla compared to Damon and reminds me of Lord Asriel from the Golden Compass - at least his suit does.  He should have been given a wig, too.
Daniel Craig is so hot.
You can see the rest at www.tonerdoll.com.
Don't forget, there will be more on February 11, 2011.


How Can A Doll (Without Sexual Organs) Be Gay?

Tonner talks! Andy Mills is gay.
Does he frequent gay bars? Will he carry tiny condoms in a tiny wallet? Will he be a vehicle to educate the doll collecting masses about safe sex? Or is this a very clever attempt to reach into the closet and fill it with dolls?

I always thought Matt O'Neil was gay.  Tonner should have had Matt come out of the closet. There could have been scenes in which an anguished Matt confesses to Tyler that he's always had feelings for Russell.  The Joker could play the therapist.  (Matt sees him as a joker anyway.) Then Tyler can throw him out. They've been married less than 2 years. So sad. All this time and she had no idea. He's been working late almost every night.

I can picture the scene in my doll room when my guests and my little cousins come over. I will introduce my dolls and give a little back story (on those that have a back story) and when I get to Andy...I...well...uh...I usually don't discuss my dolls in terms of their sexual preference. But he will be in a far corner of the cabinet eyeing Trent. I'll have to say something.

Andy Mills LE 500  $179.99
Without Glasses

I Love Obsessed Doll Collectors

It's such a pleasure to find an obsessed doll collector. They make me feel so frugal. I posted a picture on Prego earlier. In one of the comments I was asked if I saw a picture that was posted  yesterday. The link led me to this:
Johanna Reinhardt
Don't forget to click on the picture to see the full-size version.
This is Johanna's collection which contains every vinyl EG and two resins. She also has all the clothes and accessories except for one corset. Gee, Johanna, how did you let that one get away? LOL

DOLLS Magazine Exclusive Poppy Parker Gift Set

A new Poppy gift set has been announced called "I Love How You Love Me."  This item contains one blonde Poppy doll and three complete outfits - inlcuding footwear for each fashion. The set will cost $150., payable directly to DOLLS Magazine and will ship mid-March, 2011.  All of the photos below are the property of Integrity Toys.

The W Club held a lottery; however, non-members or those not chosen in the lottery may purchase the giftset directly from DOLLS Magazine online shopping cart on January 10, 2011.

More Evangeline Ghastly

A  Tangled Web with Bella.

One of these days I have to do something other than play with my dolls. I don't know why, but I have to.



Instructions from Mattel:
"Customize. Personalize. Play! Barbie Basics is all about permission to play and now Barbie Basics takes the fashion basic—denim—to new heights! This line of 12 dolls (9 girls and 3 boys) come in a variety of denim jeans featuring different cuts and colors with details such as real pockets and metal grommets. Each doll has a unique T-shirt to coordinate with the jeans. Each pair of girl jeans also features an embroidered “B” (Barbie logo) on one back pocket."

I'm relieved that I've been given permission to play. Phew!

Anyway, I think these dolls are fabulous in concept. If I collected Barbies, I'd buy every single one of them plus the accessory packs, especially if they had articulated bodies. Can you imagine?

I wonder why there is only one dark-skinned female doll out of 9 dolls. Am I missing something here?  Photos on the doll boards are showing that the clothes are fitting the Nu Face and Poppy Integrity bodies!
The going price at dealers is $24.95 for the dolls and $19.95 for the accessory packs. Amazon and eBay are overpriced. I've heard that Target in southern Florida is selling them at irregularly reduced prices.

BTW George at Angelic Dreamz told me today that he thinks he has them all in stock.


The Fabulous Superfrock's Sybarites - A Video

Watch this interesting video here:


Virtually Stunning Alex Makeover Progress

I previously wrote that I was very disappointed with VS Alex. I purchased her impulsively and I was really sorry about that. There wasn't one thing I liked about her except her body.  I cut off all her hair and accidentally tore her scalp in the process. At that point I just wanted to throw the head away. I tried other heads on the body but her neck is huge and she is quite tall. Nothing looked right.
Using acetone, I removed her lips, cheek and eyebrow screening and some of the eyeshadow. I started liking the look immediately.
The third picture shows the current appearance of the head. I still would like to soften the eyeshadow somewhat and do something a little more defined with the lips. I used pastels and water color pencils the same way I learned to do a faceup on a resin doll. I sealed my work with a matte spray.
When I reheated her head to put it back on her body, I held my fingers on her cheeks and pushed in while it was cooling. This gave her more defined cheekbones.
She is wearing the same wig as the middle picture. The colors are different as I changed some internal settings on my camera to improve the quality of the pictures. The bangs were thinned.
I'm pleased with the progress. She looks less cartoon-like and I didn't completely ruin her and that's not an easy task. ;-)

Original Virtually Stunning Alex
After she was balded.

I have to admit that I still do not like her face but it's much better IMO. What do you think?