Save the Date: Brighton on April 3, 2014

The second and highly anticipated resin BJD from Kingdom Doll, Nelson, goes on sale Thursday, April 3, 2013 at 6:30 PM British time. (No UTC/GMT offset) However, on March 30, Europe starts Daylight Savings Time so the time will go forward by 1 hour.  Believe me, I'm confused, too.
If you live in my time zone, this is what you would pull up:
Here is a link to a world clock for you to calculate what time it is in your own city when it's 6:PM in London. Make sure to use it after BST begins.

Now that time zones are out of the way, are you going to try for this beauty?

Alexandra sent me these gorgeous pictures.

No, the chair isn't included. It looks like the deck chair I have from one of Sandra Stillwell's events.

Brighton will be $675, she is dressed in wide legged trousers, her top is different from the FDQ cover as the actual fabric we used is Ralph Lauren tissue silk very expensive and gorgeous, she has a boating sweater, wood effect high heeled wedge shoes, a working miniature umbrella, a matching canvas tote with the KD logo on it with rope handles......inside the tote is a perfect miniature Luis Vuitton journal, a coffee cup, a chocolate bite, three vintage postcards from Brighton with a pencil and a small sea shell. (she also has a hand made hard cap wig by Ilaria.)


Introducing Black Vanessa

Her name is really "Second Skin" Vanessa. She's the first ITBE doll I've ever purchased. (Integrity Toys Basic Edition.) You may remember back a few short years ago when the first ITBE dolls came out, the dealers practically had to pay collectors to take them off their hands. You can easily see why.
IT has stepped up it's game. The general Fashion Royalty line, recently announced as discontinued, has been transformed into the new ITBE and it's been extremely successful. The dolls have been limited to 300 each and purchase is by lottery win only. Retail price is $75. plus postage which comes to a little over $81. for me. The sculpts have included such classics as Isha (as a ghost)
and now, the original Vanessa as a black woman.

None of the other sculpts, except Monogram, Lillith & Anja which were never changed, is the original sculpt. That's too bad because Adele's original and second sculpt were quite beautiful. Kyori's sculpt was perfect as it was and so was Natalia's.

Anyway, back to black. If I were going to change anything, I'd do her lips a different color. I think her hair is beautiful. The basic black dress with the red belt and red shoes are just fine.
For now she is going to stay in her box until I decide where she belongs.


Wilde Imagination's Virtual Factory Sale

As I predicted in a recent post, Wilde's web server crashed. At about 40 minutes in, everything was reporting as sold out and if one clicked on the check out links, a message was delivered saying the site is temporarily under maintenance.
Our Web site is temporarily unavailable while we perform routine system maintenance. We are working on the site to improve its appearance and functionality. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Please visit us again later.
This is now on the front page of the website:
How disappointing for the people at Wilde. They must be incredibly frustrated with this happening during their debut virtual factory sale. I feel sympathy for them.

However, the site is functioning and one can look over all the items. The sale items have a VFS after them.

I did get lucky to get the Great Depression Ellowyne dressed doll at $69. and a pair of pink Ello shoes (Back Bow Pumps) that I have loved since I first saw them. (The shoes had already been on sale as End of Edition.)
After I scored these items, I went back and tried for an Evangeline and other items but that's when the server began to act up.

This is just a tiny, tiny fraction of an annoyance compared to what would happen to us computer users if major internet interruptions were to happen - possibly caused by hackers. I remember the time Bank of America closed their site due to hackers.  It's not enough to back up your own files these days. We'd better hope that our banks back up all their information in STONE.

The next war be on the virtual battlefield. It's already begun and it's frightening. I don't know anyone who lives off the grid. How many of us use on-line banking to pay bills? I venture to say that 98% of doll collectors buy and pay for their stuff on-line as opposed to using paper checks and/or money orders.

During the last few doctor visits I had, the doctors took notes on their laptops.

Sorry for going way off the bend there. It's one of my deepest beliefs that no information is private any longer. That HIPA thing we sign in the US is bullshit.

One bit of advice and then I shall shut up...check your credit card statement, bank statement and credit report often. Don't write anything in an email, on a doll board or on Facebook that you wouldn't publish in a newspaper.

Don't worry; be happy. Play with dolls.

Quarterly Rewards Are A Terrible Thing to Waste

I know many read and agreed with my post in which I pretty much trashed the Fiorella Silkstone. As the end of the first quarter of the BC.Com was coming to an end, I desperately searched over and over again for something to buy there. On March 17th, they offered a discount of 17% off everything. Between that discount and my $20. reward, I ordered Fiorella. Before shipping, the total came to $21.50. Shipping added another $9.95. 
My thinking was that I would sell the nude doll and the outfit and that I would at least break even without losing my $20 reward.
Of course I was expecting a freaky looking doll but was pleasantly surprised that she looked better than her promotional photos! That was a first.  I shot a bunch of iPhone pictures which follow.

I don't remember getting a Silkstone in a black box previously. Is this something new?

She's a nice looking Silkstone. Her forehead is not as pronounced as it appears in the promos. 
Her hair is a lovely blend of blonde with platinum and is in good condition, front and back.

She is protected with sewn-on crinkly plastic material from neck to knee. Earring protectors are in place as well.
Dress closes with snaps. The belt is attached to the dress.
The only issue the doll had - her shoes do not go on over the heavy stockings. I dont' know if it's clear enough to see but the shoe is rubber-banded on even though the foot doesn't go all the way in. If I were going to keep her, I'd take the black knee-his off anyway.
I did sell the doll and fashion separately and came out ahead but I'm still disappointed that there is nothing I really want from Mattel. Three more quarterly rewards to go and I do not need a Barbie cake plate.