Wilde Imagination's Virtual Factory Sale

As I predicted in a recent post, Wilde's web server crashed. At about 40 minutes in, everything was reporting as sold out and if one clicked on the check out links, a message was delivered saying the site is temporarily under maintenance.
Our Web site is temporarily unavailable while we perform routine system maintenance. We are working on the site to improve its appearance and functionality. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Please visit us again later.
This is now on the front page of the website:
How disappointing for the people at Wilde. They must be incredibly frustrated with this happening during their debut virtual factory sale. I feel sympathy for them.

However, the site is functioning and one can look over all the items. The sale items have a VFS after them.

I did get lucky to get the Great Depression Ellowyne dressed doll at $69. and a pair of pink Ello shoes (Back Bow Pumps) that I have loved since I first saw them. (The shoes had already been on sale as End of Edition.)
After I scored these items, I went back and tried for an Evangeline and other items but that's when the server began to act up.

This is just a tiny, tiny fraction of an annoyance compared to what would happen to us computer users if major internet interruptions were to happen - possibly caused by hackers. I remember the time Bank of America closed their site due to hackers.  It's not enough to back up your own files these days. We'd better hope that our banks back up all their information in STONE.

The next war be on the virtual battlefield. It's already begun and it's frightening. I don't know anyone who lives off the grid. How many of us use on-line banking to pay bills? I venture to say that 98% of doll collectors buy and pay for their stuff on-line as opposed to using paper checks and/or money orders.

During the last few doctor visits I had, the doctors took notes on their laptops.

Sorry for going way off the bend there. It's one of my deepest beliefs that no information is private any longer. That HIPA thing we sign in the US is bullshit.

One bit of advice and then I shall shut up...check your credit card statement, bank statement and credit report often. Don't write anything in an email, on a doll board or on Facebook that you wouldn't publish in a newspaper.

Don't worry; be happy. Play with dolls.


  1. It is up and running again! The sale prices are really quite fantastic!

  2. i agree.

    there's no such thing as privacy...only the very expensive illusion of privacy.

    a related policy is "never say anything about anyone outside their presence that you would not say to their face".

    so when i find people gossiping or badmouthing (i'm not immune to it, i've done it), i have to ask (including asking myself) "what business is it of yours, Rob? just because you can access something doesn't make it your property....kinda like how in court, you can know something, but that doesn't mean you can prove it if you gained that data via means you shouldn't have....