BIJOU, the New W Club Exclusive Avantguard Doll

Wow! This week has been spectacular for 16" dolls in my collection.
Bijou is the latest Avantguard doll from Integrity Toys. She's been on pre-order for what seems like an eternity. When I saw her at the convention I was very happy because she looked great. Now that she's here, I can confirm that she is the best looking Avantguard since Goldmine. I'm basing that not only on her face but on her fashion as well. In fact, this may be the most beautiful AG fashion yet.

The fabric feels like silk chiffon. It varies in color from hot pink to hot orange and somewhere in between. I should have steamed the gown but I was too lazy. It fits her like a dream. When I post a picture of the back of a gown, you have to know how beautiful it truly is.

The black embroidery is in scale and nicely applied. Her shoes aren't my taste but they are different and well made. You will have to use the adjustable toe foot to fit into these shoes.

The metal rose jewelry has shown up on enough dolls already. Time for a change.

The single misstep is the cut of the wig. I get the idea; it's supposed to be shorter in the back and gradually lengthen towards the front. In the picture above you can see the background color showing through the wig around her neck. Normally I'd Photoshop that in to match the hair. I would prefer to have the cut of the wig be more even at the sides as it gradually gets to the back. But I do have other wigs.

If you're on the fence about this doll - jump now. She's a keeper.

I do have an extra one for sale. Email me.


Paul Pham's Devon

This doll has the most beautiful body of any doll I have ever handled. Every part of her is gorgeous. I started out the photo shoot with her fully clothed and wigged and finished up with her in her birthday suit, bald and still looking stunning.

The body blushing is perfection. She poses very well which is extremely important to me. I am completely thrilled with her.

 Devon is a 16" resin BJD. She is one of Paul Pham's new Numina.

Under the Spell of Tonner's Evangeline Ghastly

I have never fallen so fast for a doll. My first hasn't even lived here for an entire week and a second one is on its way. Outfits and accessories are finding their way to my home. Michelle over at Wilde Imagination's customer service is my new email pal. I'm sunk.
This is an extreme case of not liking a doll at first and then falling in love with her. Even her freaky big hands aren't bothering me anymore!

This doll is "Tangled Web" Evangeline. I dressed her in red during a major redressing event last night in which 4 dolls were changed into 'holiday' colors. She is vinyl, wigged and has gorgeous big blue eyes.  I didn't realize prior to getting her last week that she was a ball jointed doll. She's bigger than my other Tonner gals at 17 inches tall. I haven't tried any clothing switches yet and I don't think I'm going to need to do that because she's already got a nice wardrobe of her own stuff.

I had mentioned change was coming a little while back and this is one part of that change.


Integrity Toys Japan - Misaki and Amelie´

W Club members were sent an email announcing a new website featuring Misaki and Amelie´. It is Integrity Toys Japan (which is not affiliated with the club.)  Most of it is in Japanese but the pictures of the dolls are wonderful. You can also see prices in Yen which can easily be converted to your own currency at Yahoo Finance or any of a number of sites offering conversion tables.
Integrity Toys Japan


New Tonner Exclusive Cami & Jon Outfits

Just when I thought I had enough...

Tonner announces two adorable Cami & Jon outfits today.  I have enough doll stuff.  Don't I?

A Capricious Beat Outfit Only $89.99
On A Whim Outfit Only $79.99
Both fashions are designed to fit the 16" Antoinette body. I have found that Antoinette's fashions will also fit Avantguard and Gene dolls.

I want them.

Liquidation Sale at Annette & Friends

Annette and Friends is liquidating their entire inventory prior to retiring. They are offering 45% off nearly everything on their website and in their miniature division. They stock a broad range of doll lines and accessories.
Click here to go to their site.


Link to Halo Blog's Interview with Tom Courtney

Uber talented repainter Sam/Halo Repaints has posted an interesting interview with Tom Courtney. Tom worked at the Tonner Doll Co. for 10 years. 

Tonner Warehouse Sale: Evangeline, Monica Merrill

There's no truer statement to doll collectors than "When it rains, it pours."
In my last post I reported that Paul Phamm's Devon arrived. The next day was the Tonner warehouse sale. I came home with a load of dolls and outfits. Prior sales provided me with a large percentage of items to pass on to other collectors. I didn't expect to fall in love with so many of the items I found. Sigh.
Here's the shortened version of what I came home with:
 Sinister Circus dolls,  Ellowyne, Tiny Betsy, 6 six inch grab bags, Matt shoes, Death by Fashion, Evangeline, Evangeline clothing items/outfits, Anniversary Tyler, Monica Merrill, Antoinette, Antoinette fashion,  Ellowyne wig, Ellowyne outfits. Most of the items were things that were on sale already, but not all.

My favorite item of all my new Tonner treasures is "Tangled Web" Evangeline. Here are two quickly composed images of her.
When Evangeline first debuted, I did not care for her. She's taller than most of my dolls and her hands are weird. I still think her hands are weird but her back story explains that. I like her and I had been on the verge of ordering one for a few months.
I got several clothing items for her at the event one of which was a skirt. I wanted the entire outfit so I ordered it from the Wilde Imagination website along with another item when I got home, (like I didn't have enough already!) The order went in on Saturday afternoon and was on my deck this morning. Tonner/Wilde shipping is excellent.
I didn't know that the Evangeline items came packaged in hatboxes. How precious is that? I think I'm hooked.
The other doll that I was very pleased to obtain is Monica Merrill "On the Fringe." At first I thought that I'd just keep the outfit. Right?
Again, Monica is a doll that I did not care for when she first appeared on the scene. She looked stunned in most of her incarnations. I saw a softness in "On the Fringe" that I hadn't seen previously. She is staying.
Here is the Tonner promo image of her as I haven't had time to shoot anything I'd post.
Tonner Doll Co.
Monica's clothes fit the Avantguard dolls perfectly. I haven't had them on a Gene doll but I'm guessing that the same is true.
Unfortunately I can't keep everything so I am selling the Sinister Circus and Death dolls without their clothes and a few other things. Click here to browse and spend your money. Why should I be the only one?

On Saturday night I received a gift of the Tonner Comicon exclusive DC Comics' Artemis of Bana-Mighdall. I have no idea who she is or what she does in the comics but she's one of Tonner's new 13 inch characters and I like her. The husband unit is calling her the "I Dream of Jeannie" doll.

I will have fun redressing her.

Hope you're all having a great December. It's below freezing here in the Mid-Hudson Valley. We had a little snow last night - just enough to be pretty.