Tonner Warehouse Sale: Evangeline, Monica Merrill

There's no truer statement to doll collectors than "When it rains, it pours."
In my last post I reported that Paul Phamm's Devon arrived. The next day was the Tonner warehouse sale. I came home with a load of dolls and outfits. Prior sales provided me with a large percentage of items to pass on to other collectors. I didn't expect to fall in love with so many of the items I found. Sigh.
Here's the shortened version of what I came home with:
 Sinister Circus dolls,  Ellowyne, Tiny Betsy, 6 six inch grab bags, Matt shoes, Death by Fashion, Evangeline, Evangeline clothing items/outfits, Anniversary Tyler, Monica Merrill, Antoinette, Antoinette fashion,  Ellowyne wig, Ellowyne outfits. Most of the items were things that were on sale already, but not all.

My favorite item of all my new Tonner treasures is "Tangled Web" Evangeline. Here are two quickly composed images of her.
When Evangeline first debuted, I did not care for her. She's taller than most of my dolls and her hands are weird. I still think her hands are weird but her back story explains that. I like her and I had been on the verge of ordering one for a few months.
I got several clothing items for her at the event one of which was a skirt. I wanted the entire outfit so I ordered it from the Wilde Imagination website along with another item when I got home, (like I didn't have enough already!) The order went in on Saturday afternoon and was on my deck this morning. Tonner/Wilde shipping is excellent.
I didn't know that the Evangeline items came packaged in hatboxes. How precious is that? I think I'm hooked.
The other doll that I was very pleased to obtain is Monica Merrill "On the Fringe." At first I thought that I'd just keep the outfit. Right?
Again, Monica is a doll that I did not care for when she first appeared on the scene. She looked stunned in most of her incarnations. I saw a softness in "On the Fringe" that I hadn't seen previously. She is staying.
Here is the Tonner promo image of her as I haven't had time to shoot anything I'd post.
Tonner Doll Co.
Monica's clothes fit the Avantguard dolls perfectly. I haven't had them on a Gene doll but I'm guessing that the same is true.
Unfortunately I can't keep everything so I am selling the Sinister Circus and Death dolls without their clothes and a few other things. Click here to browse and spend your money. Why should I be the only one?

On Saturday night I received a gift of the Tonner Comicon exclusive DC Comics' Artemis of Bana-Mighdall. I have no idea who she is or what she does in the comics but she's one of Tonner's new 13 inch characters and I like her. The husband unit is calling her the "I Dream of Jeannie" doll.

I will have fun redressing her.

Hope you're all having a great December. It's below freezing here in the Mid-Hudson Valley. We had a little snow last night - just enough to be pretty.


  1. What a haul! I wish I lived in the NY area to go to this sale!

  2. I have been thinking too much on Tonner... I have been holding myself on adding a different scale doll to my collection, but as I browsed Angelic Dreamz website, I've seen SO many gorgeous fashions... sadly I didn't feel seriously inlove with any doll. I find some interesting though, like the Lucine you're selling =) But I have to control myself, specially because I just spent huge money on a couple of dolls I wanted baldy... if I had the money I would easily spend $600 or $700 on a Tonner dolls, and severall fashions (I am loving these... I wish IT would bring us something new and exquisite in an amazing doll, like some of the Tonner loose fashions!!)

    ...and as usual, I just don't shut up! =)

  3. @Ana:
    You don't ever have to shut up. You are so much fun.
    It is more difficult collecting dolls in a multiple of sizes but it's so much more interesting.

  4. haha, you shouldn't encourage me Terri =)

    So I was at Angelic Dreamz website, and put several items on the cart... in the end I got chicken and didn't go through with it *blushing here*

    It would mean I'd have to put more dolls on the chop, like Optic Verve Aggie or so, and I'm so not ready to part with her, or any other right now LOL (in fact I just took back Capricious Natalia from ebay... She's too fab to let her go - at least for now)

    So... for now I'll just drool at your photos of the bigger girls =)

    ps. I just ordered the Club Anja, she's not "calling my name", but we never now, better safe than sorry! =)