Paul Phamm's Numina Devon Has Arrived

My Numina Devon, an FDQ exclusive, arrived today. I had just a little time to take her out of her box and admire her.
She is even more beautiful in hand than in photos. Her creamy silk dress has amazing metal epaulets which are topped with beading...just gorgeous.
Her sueded joints look wonderful and I am looking forward to playing with other fashions and wigs after I photograph her.
Photo FDQ/Alexandra Forbes

Paul posted the photo of the OOAK Devon, below, on his site. He created her for Leigh (Leigh in ME) who produced the necklaces for the FDQ Devon. It's another gorgeous creation.
Paul Phamm

Numina Devon is a limited edition of 50. Price is $750. which includes shipping.
For information on availability click here.


  1. Congrats, she's gorgeous! I know they changed her proportions and I am dying to know what fits her without alot of fussing/sewing. Avant Guards or Antoinette size would be awesome. Please hurry with your re-dressing, LOL.


  2. Hello Teri!

    Thank you very much for posting the link.

    If I wasn't constantly troubled by German customs (apart from them charging 25 % plus in this case) I think I'd order one of these beauties.

    But I'd probably only receive her next year.

    This is sooooo tempting, she's so exquisite.

    I am looking forward to seeing your photos of her.


  3. Hello again!

    First of all, excuse me, dear Terri, for having forgotten one "r" in your name.

    I've been exchanging e-mails with Pat Henry from FDQ, and, alas, the doll is sold out.

    So all I can do now is wait for some pics on your blog or Paul Pham doing a Numina Devon himself...


  4. Hi, Terri,

    Thanks to your mail magazine, I immediately went to the
    ordering sight and placed the order!!! (and I am sorry, Petra)

    I am yet very much looking forward to seeing your photos
    of Devon!!!

  5. Oh, I forgot to sign my name,,,


  6. @rbaker:
    Congratulations on scoring one. Sometimes you have to make decisions really fast. LOL


  7. wow... she seems wonderfull Terri! I cannot wait for your redressing =)