Couture Sleuthing

I searched couture images everywhere this afternoon looking for a style that could have been the inspiration for Anja's gown. There are plenty of hem lines that are shorter in the front. The photo below shows last season's Avantguard "Hot to Trot" in profile compared to "Regal Solstice."
Hot to Trot and Regal Solstice 
Another collector sent me this image of a Balenciaga design which certainly inspired "Hot to Trot."
The Dior below has many design similarities and may be the closest couture item that could be identified as inspiration for Regal.
I could not find the shape of the bodice which resembles opened petals that stand away from the body. I'm starting to think that the factory may not have interpreted the look properly. I believe the images we were presented with are prototypes.
The Valentino dresses below show a wrapped style that could be related to Anja's gown as far as the gathered, ruffly upper part. But these dresses have a closer fitted bodice that is very flattering to the female body and works with the rest of the fashion. Hopefully, there will be an adjustment in the bodice on the finished product for Anja.

If I could sew really well, I'd fit the bodice to the body more closely. Then I would add many more layers of tulle under the chartreuse as can be seen in the black/yellow Dior above. I'd get rid of the black straps that look like a bra and pick up one of the brighter colors.

I give the designer/s an A for effort. Now if only the factory could interpret the designers' wishes to provide us with an edgy as opposed to messy fashion.

Some Armani and Dior eye candy for your enjoyment follows:


  1. great post (=

  2. the silvery armani dress looks like the base of the ensemble Gaga used to creat her grammy look with the rings

  3. Hey terry.
    Interesting Post.
    I think Anja's dress is inspired by the Finale Dresses at Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2008
    The Silhouettes and fabric feels very simular. Only with Dolce they used hand painted chiffon while with Anja's its embroidery.
    Love the dress!!

  4. @TIMTIM
    Thanks so much for the find. Readers...check out the links to see Anja's dress inspiration!