All About the Rudettes

We've been very occupied with house hunting and I haven't had time to play with my dolls or take any pictures. But...this week Prego's theme is dolls with their pets or their children.  I went through a lot of my photo archives and apparently my Rudettes have wormed their way into tons of pictures during the past  years.

Here are a few of them.

They're just like the real Rudy...involved in everything I do.


CDDC Final Scores

In an odd twist of the rules (?) those with the highest scores did not win the top prizes.

Click on image to see full-sized.
Prizes were awarded according to division winner. Although Cholo Ayuyao topped all other participants, because he was in the Intermediate category, he only won second place. Huh?

I'm not saying that the other leaders in their categories, Kevin Roberts as a Beginner and Anita Stoklosa as a Professional, did not deserve to win for their efforts. They did a great job!

The overall CDDC winner was Cholo and he should be recognized as such.