All About the Rudettes

We've been very occupied with house hunting and I haven't had time to play with my dolls or take any pictures. But...this week Prego's theme is dolls with their pets or their children.  I went through a lot of my photo archives and apparently my Rudettes have wormed their way into tons of pictures during the past  years.

Here are a few of them.

They're just like the real Rudy...involved in everything I do.


  1. AW!! What cute little Mini Me legion Rudy has!

  2. Dog gone it, these are a-dog-able. :)

  3. I used to have a Rudy. His name was Gerry. I miss him so much. I bought this little Re-Ment dog (I think it was Re-Ment) because it looked exactly like Gerry.


  4. Is that one a pink cow made to look like a poodle? XD

    1. It's a collectible figurine. It's not one of the Rudettes.

  5. Brilliant. I loved seeing the Rudettes in so many different scenarios!

    We have a three year old West Highland Terrier bitch (she THINKS she's the boss of the house, of course, and tends to be very single-minded to the point of obsession)and a two year old Bichon/Terrier cross who is very sweet but can be neurotic (separation issues.) I'm about to begin a search for Fashion Royalty size equivalents because I'd love to feature them in some of my (admittedly amateur) attempts at doll photography.

    In the meantime I shall enjoy your pictures!

  6. Fun photos. And happy house hunting. I haven't been active on the doll boards because we staged, sold and put in an offer on a house all in the last 2 weeks. Now to deal with the closings and pack... I can't wait to display my collection in the new place, though! Hope your hunting goes smoothly.

  7. They are so cute. It's fun seeing how different dolls react to the Rudettes. Thanks for sharing.