Wilde Imagination: New for 2015 and a Bit of Yoko

If this doll doesn't look like Yoko Ono then I don't know......
"Bright Moon"   LE350    $229.00   In Stock
Evy's gown is stunning but just more of the same - lots of fabric, black, long, sweeping things going on. I think the glasses are a great touch even if they're out of character.
I love Yoko's leather embellished jacket.  Yoko was 80 in 2013 when this photo was made. Not bad, eh?

There are nine new dressed EG dolls. Among the nine is a Mortimer, an Angelique and an intense-looking Parnilla in a gorgeous sequined, faux fur trimmed coat. I use the word 'intense' in an effort to be diplomatic regarding my opinion of her face.
Parnilla "Time To Go"  LE350   $219.00   In Stock
Nine new outfits, too, are part of this release and only two of them are black. The prices are all under $100. for the new outfits, except for one.
This is my favorite. It's only a bustier and pair of shoes.
"Midnight Silver Set"   LE250  $69.00   Shipping 1/26

There are 11 new dressed Ellowynes which include a new male character, Penn. 

Most of the new Ellowyne line offerings are only sketches. 


Out of all the other offerings, I must comment on Sad Sally. This line of 7" resin dolls is so darn adorable and highly tempting. I'm trying to be strong as they fit nowhere in my collection. But just look at these.

"Pretty Sad" is a new release. "It's My Hat" is not.
"Pretty Sad"     $260     Shipping 1/26     Edition Size not specified
"It's My Hat"    $285.00  In Stock  Edition Size not specified
One of the outfits available: (This is not a new one.)
"Happy to Be Sad" (Outfit Only)  LE200  $50.00  In Stock


Daily Dose of Vanessa: Runway Right Away Vanessa, 2005

Vanessa Perrin "Runway Right Away" LE 1000  $89.99
Another gorgeous early Vanessa is seen above modeling a Randall Craig sheath.
Jewelry - Designz (?) by Joy now going under the name of Exsyntrik on Etsy.
This Vanessa came on the first articulated body; however I had already switched her to the first tall body when I took this picture.

Below is IT's original promotional photo.


Demi-Ginny and Rory Riot Llewelyn

I rinsed out and combed Ginny's rooted wig cap and it helped somewhat. I twirled it while it was still damp and let it dry flat on paper toweling. It looks much better. I eliminated some of the more difficult frizzies in Photoshop.

Ginny is wearing a gown by SL Doll. (Sanglian Lu, Xiamen, China)  She was gone a long time but I see she is now selling on Etsy.  "Sanglian's Homework"  There's not much listed there but she's worth checking out from time to time.

With Ginny is a Jem line doll called Rory Riot Llewelyn.  His hair was on the wild side. I dunked it in boiling hot water and then combed it out and let it dry straight. It's held back with a ribbon. Rory is wearing an Homme suit and Fashion Royalty ID tag jewelry from forever ago. 

The original Rory, below, definitely did not fit into my collection. I was able to purchase him nekkid.
IT Promotional Photo

Wilde Imagination - Tonner 2015 West Coast Exclusive Dolls Now Available



Brunel and Alejandro

Dress by Ficon
Wig by Cheryl Wood
IT Jewelry (Gene)
IT Purse

Jamieshow Alejandro's wig by Chewin