The 2015 Barbie Fashion Model Collection Debut by BarbieCollector

Five new Silkstones are scheduled for release in 2015. Here is a wonderfully filmed video that you will just love, that shows them off in a mini fashion show setting.

It looks like they upped the bar this year for Silkstone as last year was a loss IMO.

One of the five, Fashionably Floral, below, was released on 1/30/2015 at a realistic (?) price of $50. You get free shipping through March 2. If you use your $20. club rebate, your doll will cost only $30. plus tax if any. Unfortunately, you have to spend $75. in order to benefit. Free shipping used to make shopping worthwhile.

On the other hand, there are many dolls and other items on sale http://www.barbiecollector.com/shop/browse/on_sale?showall&sort=  It would be very easy to put together an order amounting to more than $75 and benefit from the free shipping and the sale prices at the same time. I'm all about trying to get good prices. All the Twilight dolls are $9.96.

 Barbie® doll’s intricately crafted ensemble includes a beautiful floral print dress featuring puff sleeves, cinched waist and tufted back pleats. Her small straw hat is adorned with tiny dark and light pink flowers and is covered in delicate tulle netting. The opera-length gloves are made of shirred charmeuse and complete her elegant look. Features genuine Silkstone® body.

If I buy any of them it will be the redhead in the lavender gown as seen in the video, though I'm pretty sure she won't be $50.

The website formerly known as The Barbie Collector is now renamed The Barbie Collection although the URL remains the same.  http://www.barbiecollector.com/.
Not much has changed.

New York Toy Fair
The news is that Barbie will get articulated ankles. I'm not impressed. Why start with the ankles? 
There will also be a digital Barbie who will have conversations with you. This way children do not have to talk to friends. They can talk to their dolls.

Here's a post with excellent photographs of the coming Barbies:


My Current Sales Listings have been moved to TABS under the title of the blog.


Without the Show & Sell Site I'm At A Loss!

The last few years were so easy. Any time I had something doll related to sell, I listed it on Show & Sell. Selling there practically supported my dolly habit. It was a great way to turn around older merchandise and new 'mistakes.' I've been posting lists and photos on doll boards and on Facebook boards but that doesn't draw the traffic the S&S pages used to get. In addition, I had many loyal repeat customers and hundreds of positive feedback.
Using eBay is risky these days. I've heard horror stories about their new return policies that puts the sellers in the 'wrong' immediately. Also, I can't keep my prices low enough to make up for the fees they charge. Ugh.
I'm trying to figure out how to create a page to post my merchandise with descriptions and prices. I don't know if there's a way to create a tab on this blog. So for now, I will make a list and there will be a link to it in the sidebar.
I will make an announcement when it's ready.

Ed Note:
I have created tabs at the top of the blog page. Yay.


Daily Dose of Vanessa: Obsidian Society

Obsidian Society was an edition of 1200 (!) and retailed for $99.99. The good old days. 

Integrity Toys Promotional Photo

What a season it was for Fashion Royalty dolls!  Only one year into the new tall body and the demand was still skyrocketing. 

This 2006 line was called "Modern Pompadour" and included 5 Premium dolls: Veronique "Lights, Cameras, Royal" in two hair colors, Adele, this Vanessa and Natalia. (The blonde version of LCR was the centerpiece at that year's convention.) 

The dolls were dressed beautifully in impeccably tailored fashions with wonderful accessories and gorgeous hair styles.

I took her hair out of it's wrap and I loved her even more.