Tonner: 75th Anniversary Collection - Wizard of Oz

Tonner revealed five new Oz family dolls. This time the twist is that they are all on the 19" Wilde Imagination Evangeline body.
Have they done an Amelia sized Oz yet? 
Oz lovers who also love big-headed dolls will go for this collection.

Castle Stroll - Outfit








The fifth doll was a sketch of a basic Glinda. Apparently the photo wasn't ready because it says that the doll is available to ship.

I understand it from the company's point of view why stands are not included with these dolls. It's not like finding a stand for 19" dolls is easy. The Evangeline stand is a good stand and for dolls priced like these, the stand should be included.


Picture of the Day: Ernesto Padro-Campos

It's always a joy to look at Ernesto's photography. Today he sent this charming shot of Agnes Dreary to me in an email. Isn't she just wonderfully creepy?

Pay particular attention to the lighting - how it models her face. Also, see how the lighting on her hands and her face get your eyes to travel back and forth between these two most important parts of the image. Masterful work!


It Pays to Pay Attention!

I sell doll stuff on eBay occasionally. Today I received this lovely message from a buyer who had just received his purchase:
From: XXXX
To: golden_country
Subject: XXXXX

Sent Date: Jan-02-14 18:18:09 PST
Dear golden_country,

I just wanted to pass along a sincere thank you on the wonderful way you packaged this item. I have had expensive items come folded, in a next day letter envelope without so much as paper around it, but sincerely, thank you for treating this like a real first class transaction! I was surprised and shocked when I got it and opened it and saw the care that was taken. Anyway, there's not enough space to put that all on feedback but wanted you to know you are clearly a step way above the norm! Very much appreciated!
- xxxxx
I package things the way I would like to receive them. 

Picture of the Day by laughon45

This is the most beautiful photograph of JamieShow Grace I've ever seen! It was posted on Prego.

Photography by:
Mike's Creations


You're in the Right Place and Seeing Double

I've changed the template on my blog; no, you are not lost.
This past year I purchased two NRFB versions of older FR dolls which I had either rerooted or altered in some other way. I like having both the original and the reworked doll in this case because when I looked back at original dolls I wish I had left them unaltered. This is how they look right now. I will give the new one a tall body as the first articulated FR body is so very short!
"Intoxicating Mix" Vanessa was the convention souvenir doll at my first Fashion Royalty convention. She was also my first Vanessa. Rerooted, she is currently on her third body (above, right.)
Some early pictures of her wearing (and not wearing) varied fashions.

When I got my first "Pale Fire" Vanessa, I loved her face and jewelry but I didn't like her hair. I took it down, cut it, rooted in some streaks of another color and styled it. 
Here is my original Pale Fire wearing a lovely fashion from the "Haute Luxuries" giftset.
The original PF gown was enormous. There was enough fabric in there for two dresses and although stunning, I took it apart planning a restyle but never got around to it.
Here she is as she looks right now:
She has an FR2 body and looks lovely in Victoire's gown.

Her twin arrived a few months ago and stay unchanged.

Do you ever have "altered dolls" remorse?


Collection: 2013 in Retrospect

I usually do a "Best-Worst" themed post at year end. This year I'm going to do more of a "Best of My 2013 Collection" post. Going through my 2013 purchase database, I made a list of my favorites. The list revealed that I concentrated, number-wise, on wigs and fashions more than anything else. And, for the first time in a few years, Integrity Toys' dolls scored multiple bests.

Below, left: Lukas Maverick as "Beauty." He was paired with a female doll entitled "Beast," not shown. Right: "Interlude," the last Monogram doll in the line, (supposedly) was a welcome bag doll at the 2013 convention. She is dressed in a fashion called "Completist" which was also a gift to attendees.

The two Integrity dolls below from their last convention are both Elise Jolie. On the left is the convention souvenir, Midnight  Star, and on the right is a workshop doll dressed in the Beast's outfit. These dolls are gorgeous and I love the Elise sculpt as much as I loved the original Vanessa sculpt!

A fashion designed by Chris Stoeckel for the W Club Luncheon for Victoire Roux made my favorites. Chris had previously done this dress for a 15.5" Gene doll (right) in a different colorway. It translates very well to the 12" "Out Sass."
IMO Chris is the most talented designer IT has (if Jason isn't around.)

Mel Odom's beloved Gene Marshall doll made a surprise comeback in 2013 as a resin BJD produced by JamieShow Dolls. It's great fun to have new Gene dolls and it has brought renewed life to so many long-time Gene collections. On the left is J'Adore Gene wearing  a Sybarite fashion and a Cheryl Wood wig. On the right is Phoenix Gene wearing her own gown and a wig by Cheryl Wood.

Speaking of wigs, I added at least one dozen to my collection this past year. My favorites are those made by Ilaria, Patta, Cheryl and Chewin. My dolls have varying sized heads so they need lots of wigs. Below are two from Ilaria aka "Time of Doll."
On the left is Miss G White, a Ficon doll I traded for. Although she debuted in 2012, she is new to my collection. On the right is Inro. She is the first in the Inamorata line produced as a limited edition as opposed to a OOAK by Emilia Nieminen. 

For the first time in ages, I'm paying attention to male dolls again. While the Jamieshow Alejandro below, left and the Tonner Neo Tokyo are not from 2013, their fashions are. These fabulous garments are by the uber-talented Chewin. I also commissioned him to do Alejandro's wig.

 Another Chewin outfit modeled by Tonner's Yoshio, a 2013 16" favorite.

Yian (modsdoll) repainted this Dionysis Sybarite. She's wearing a 2012 Cheryl Wood wig, a gorgeous dress from the 2013 Metrodoll's luncheon entitled "Eventail," and a stunning neckpiece by Asher of New England. I'm sure you can see why she made my favorites list.

Of course I have too many dolls so I buy outfits for them. Early fashions that I couldn't get previously and newly released ones arrived regularly.
Many of the amazing fashions from Sandra Stillwell's Kansas City Every Day's A Holiday event can be seen elsewhere on this blog. Here is one called "Delicate Bloom." The floral motifs are all ribbon embroidery!

V John offers a monthly fashion for either 12" or 16" dolls.

There are always Tonner dressed dolls or fashions that need to come to mama.  Some fashions are offered separately and some are from dressed dolls. Tiny Kitty is older (2005) doll called "Flirtation."  Sometimes it's good to wait because many collectors sell Tonner products for much less than they paid.

Antoinette is wearing a 2012 gown from "Sweeping Antoinette."

This Antoinette fashion is called "Fanciful." It's so Barbie-ish and reminds me of Silkstone Provencale.  "Hypnotic" Antoinette, whom I chose to model the Tonner gown, has the same hairstyle the Silkie (on the right.) Provencale is not a new acquisition.

I was more careful with my purchases but I definitely made a few mistakes. I am happy with my dolls. When I'm not, they go. Some stick around until I'm sure.

My doll collecting resolution is to continue to be careful and focused with what I purchase.  I resolve to re-photograph many of my dolls and photograph all new dolls as they join the tribe.

Do you have any doll-related resolutions for 2013?

Happy New Year, Darlings

I'm off to a party at the local cemetary.

Dreamstate Evangeline wearing Graveside Picnic, Facets earrings.