You're in the Right Place and Seeing Double

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This past year I purchased two NRFB versions of older FR dolls which I had either rerooted or altered in some other way. I like having both the original and the reworked doll in this case because when I looked back at original dolls I wish I had left them unaltered. This is how they look right now. I will give the new one a tall body as the first articulated FR body is so very short!
"Intoxicating Mix" Vanessa was the convention souvenir doll at my first Fashion Royalty convention. She was also my first Vanessa. Rerooted, she is currently on her third body (above, right.)
Some early pictures of her wearing (and not wearing) varied fashions.

When I got my first "Pale Fire" Vanessa, I loved her face and jewelry but I didn't like her hair. I took it down, cut it, rooted in some streaks of another color and styled it. 
Here is my original Pale Fire wearing a lovely fashion from the "Haute Luxuries" giftset.
The original PF gown was enormous. There was enough fabric in there for two dresses and although stunning, I took it apart planning a restyle but never got around to it.
Here she is as she looks right now:
She has an FR2 body and looks lovely in Victoire's gown.

Her twin arrived a few months ago and stay unchanged.

Do you ever have "altered dolls" remorse?

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