Superdoll Dreamscape and Emerald Oyster

From the Superdoll website come the descriptions of the fashions. I have edited the spelling.


Escape to your Dreams.
Lined in old rose pink, this voluminous gown of irridescent sequin is just that, a voluminous gown of gorgeous glitz. From the side bust, a swirl of pale organza swoops and rolls as if in a dream; asymmetrically down the gown to the hemline.

This delicate 'nth' of organza is held in place with a multitude of corded vines & poinsettia in contrasting rose. Atop each 'bloom' a tiny pile of sequin, pearl and 'diamante.'

Reminiscent of a bygone age, yet smack bang up to the red carpet.

Accessories include exquisite Superdoll  'classic' headpiece, hose and slip on towering perspex heels.

Sybarite Geometry wearing an Ilaria wig is modeling here.


Emeralds and 'leather'.
Lined in nude, flowing leatherette tarlazzi forms a great big statement of a gown and is just that, a fabulous statement. Straight neck satin bodice on mini corded straps adorned in 'diamonds' & 'emeralds, give the illusion of a Superdoll staple, the reverse neck.

To further trick the eye, the under-bust of this gown is set with a guipure lace motif adorned with further 'emerald'.

Reminiscent of a bygone age, yet smack bang up to the red carpet.

Accessories include opera length 'gloves', hose and slip on towering perspex heels.

Sybarite Domina models Emerald Oyster.

Ficon Girls Get Camera Time

First day of Spring? Not here. It's snowing. Again. We're nice and warm inside.

Here is Ficon's Ms. G Black wearing the fashion from Ficon Fierce and a wig by Cheryl Wood. Her bracelet is Franklin Mint.

This edgy fashion is a two-piece suit with rhinestone buckled belt. The shoulders are embellished with silvery metal cones and chains. In contrast, the armholes are finished with multi-layered tulle providing a bit of softening contrasting with the angular cut of the top.
Her clutch bag has a textured almost glittered feel; it is not glitter, however.

The shoes are black strappy faux leather heels with a zipper up the back. Sadly, the zipper won't go all the way up. I tried.
This photo showed me how bad her pedicure is. I can fix that easily.


Ficon "Bonita" is modeling Ficon's fashion "Wrinkle" dress and vest. The fabric is a faux snake and a stretch fabric which is ruched. The metal cones appear on the shoulders again. The belt has a large silver buckle.
Stunning wig is also by Cheryl Wood. Clutch is Superdoll.


New 2015 Tonner Spring Mainline Release Dolls

Marley Wentworth has grown up. Tonner is offering one basic, three dressed dolls and two separate fashions (not shown.) The doll in the blue coat looks very much like Tyler.


There is a line of new 18-Inch "My Imagination" Dolls. I think they can be very good competition against the American Girl doll as they are cute with nice hair and adorable outfits at a better price.

My favorites are the Re-Imagination Dolls. These are dressed dolls with various sculpts ranging in price from $169.00 to $218.99.  Haddy Madigan, top left below, reminds me of Megan Boone who plays Elizabeth Keen on Blacklist. Blue eyes, shape of jaw, hair color, pressed together lips...my imagination?

I don't know who Charlie Dodgson is. Perhaps he's just a new sculpt. I am seriously in love with Bianca Lapin, the last of the four below. I adore the Duchess sculpt and her outfit is just crazy enough to appeal to me. It says her hair is rooted but it looks like a wig to me. She has a faux leather dress under the faux fur.  The 16" chic body is used for these girls. According to Dreamcastle's definition it uses Antoinette's lower body with larger shoulders and a larger bust.


My favorite Tonner sculpt, Supergirl....Ugh...why does she have to be so gorgeous?
$179.99 Retail "Bombshell" Supergirl.


I hesitate to pre-order Tonner dolls as I would prefer to wait and see the IRL dolls. 

Most of you already know that there are many doll dealers who discount off Tonner's retail prices. 
Don't pay retail. Find the dealer nearest your location and order from them. Keep the doll dealers in business! Your warranty is in force no matter where you purchase your Tonner doll.


New Jem and Color Infusion Dolls from Integrity Toys


Lindsey Pierce™

Adult Collectable Doll

Limited Edition Size of 500 Dolls
Retail Price: $125.00 US + Shipping and Handling
Doll Tech Specs:
Head Sculpt: Rapture
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Color: Pale Blond
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied


The Color Infusion Collection
Estimated Ship Date: Approximately Late May/Early June 2015

Suggested Retail Price: $100.00 US

Available for Pre-order from Any Authorized Integrity Toys Dealer.

Quick Switch Feature: No
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied

Nyasha Lauder™
Limited Edition Size of 450 Dolls
Doll Tech Specs:
Skin Tone: New Hispanic

Hair Color: Brunette

Jacqueline O'Rion™
Limited Edition Size of 500 Dolls
Doll Tech Specs:
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Color: Blond

Zara Wade™

Limited Edition Size of 500 Dolls
Doll Tech Specs:

Skin Tone: Light Honey

Hair Color: Deep Brunette

I have nothing to say about these dolls.