Superdoll Dreamscape and Emerald Oyster

From the Superdoll website come the descriptions of the fashions. I have edited the spelling.


Escape to your Dreams.
Lined in old rose pink, this voluminous gown of irridescent sequin is just that, a voluminous gown of gorgeous glitz. From the side bust, a swirl of pale organza swoops and rolls as if in a dream; asymmetrically down the gown to the hemline.

This delicate 'nth' of organza is held in place with a multitude of corded vines & poinsettia in contrasting rose. Atop each 'bloom' a tiny pile of sequin, pearl and 'diamante.'

Reminiscent of a bygone age, yet smack bang up to the red carpet.

Accessories include exquisite Superdoll  'classic' headpiece, hose and slip on towering perspex heels.

Sybarite Geometry wearing an Ilaria wig is modeling here.


Emeralds and 'leather'.
Lined in nude, flowing leatherette tarlazzi forms a great big statement of a gown and is just that, a fabulous statement. Straight neck satin bodice on mini corded straps adorned in 'diamonds' & 'emeralds, give the illusion of a Superdoll staple, the reverse neck.

To further trick the eye, the under-bust of this gown is set with a guipure lace motif adorned with further 'emerald'.

Reminiscent of a bygone age, yet smack bang up to the red carpet.

Accessories include opera length 'gloves', hose and slip on towering perspex heels.

Sybarite Domina models Emerald Oyster.


  1. As always, you've composed stellar pictures that show off the dolls and outfits beautifully, as well as the settings. Geometry's wig by Ilaria particularly interesting because it isn't something that I have seen before. So many wigs -- though lovely -- tend to be very similar. The way the silver chaise sparkles makes the black skirt of Emerald Oyster pop even more, particularly the way the light shades the complex textures of the skirt.

    I finally gave in and added Dreamscape to my doll wardrobe. It just arrived, so I haven't had an opportunity to take it out of the box yet or even think who will model it first. Fun times!

    1. Thank you, Troy, for your lovely comments. It is fun to get new fashions!!!

  2. Lovely photos- I tried to limit myself to only one of the new fashions- but your photos of Emerald Oyster (which I was and am so tempted by) are not helping my resolve..

    1. It's much lovelier in person than in the promo photos.

    2. I had a feeling that would be the case...!