Winners of CDDC Challenge Four

Congratulations to the winners of Challenge Four!

Beginner: Sue Towson

Intermediate: Cholo Ayuyao

Professional: Suyanee Wongchotwiriyakit

Photography Winner: Julia Peshkova

There were a few photographs I would have chosen over this one if I were to follow the Photo Challenge stated guidelines which are:
In general designers need to keep in mind that their creative photographs should show a clear image of the design and that the essence of the challenge should be discernable in the photograph.  Important elements in your photos are artistic expression, creativity, good use of design principles and photographic composition & quality.  (If you are not familiar with the elements and principles of design—look them up.) Remember to keep the following in mind: 
·         Lighting source (consider type of light—natural or artificial, angle of light to subject, shadows, hot spots)
·         Composition of the photograph (consider pose of model, use of backgrounds and props that enhance, but do not overpower, the design)
·         Focus & sharpness of the image (consider camera’s point of focus, angle of camera to subject, camera movement—use a tripod if possible)

Jim Faraone 
Sense of Humor: 5

George Gonzalez' Photos of Jamieshow Evil

Evil, the new Jamieshow doll, has been redressed in the Superfrock fashion called Black Bird Society. She is just perfect for this.  Sometimes a doll and an outfit are just made for each other. This one nails it.

If you haven't heard, Evil is a new Jamieshow doll. She is on the front cover of the latest issue of FDQ. Click on the issue to go to Angelic Dreamz to see more pictures of Evil and to order her.

Hunger Games Barbie?

Here's a fun video clip from The Tonight Show:


And, news about an upcoming Barbie:



Marwencol Project - Join Us!

 On March 24, 2012 I blogged about the movie Marwencol having been very moved by it. I chatted back and forth with Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu, director of social media at Tonner Doll, and made the comment that I wanted to give Mark stuff - a doll or some art supplies.

And that's how it started.

Kevin thought that it was a great idea and we discussed offering other doll collectors the opportunity to join us in supporting Mark and Marwencol, his 1/6 scale town.

Below is Kevin's Tonner Blog post about our project.
We hope that you will participate. All donations will be tracked and acknowledged.


Helping Mark Hogancamp – Donate Dolls and Materials for the Doll Town of “Marwencol”

Photo: copyright Mark Hogancamp

A Helping Hand – Donating to the World of Marwencol

Last week we wrote a post on the magnificent doll-aided world of Mark Hogancamp, the town of Marwencol as captured in the complex and movie of that name. In Twitter #dollchat and in emails those of us that saw the film could not help but be moved, and the fact that he was an artist local to Kingston New York where Tonner Doll has been for 25 years made us all think that this is a person would we could reach out and touch, personally.
You will not know completely what Mark does with his dolls unless you watch the film (which is available on Netflix streaming), but it is enough to say that with great imagination and pathos he has built a parallel world in which he acts out his own rehabilitation and freedom in a way that only art and play seem able to bring. Living on the limited funds of a disability check – having been brutally attacked years ago outside of a bar and suffering among other things permanent loss of memory – he brings his doll world to life for others through his careful photography of its events.
Several of us in chat and elsewhere have come together to organize a donation drive so that Mark can have even more materials from which to create is remarkable 1/6 scale town. The most active of collectors in this has been Terri Gold of Collecting Fashion Dolls by Terri Gold who has been kind enough to volunteer to receive, catalog and then deliver the care package. Our Tonner Doll Company store in Kingston will be the nexus point between our package and Mark.

Two Weeks of Giving – Helping Imagination and Art

So, for the next two weeks – mailed up until Saturday April 21 – Terri Gold will be receiving and organize any donation you might like to make to Mark’s world. We hope to be covering the donation process on this blog and on Terri’s – as well as other doll blogs. We hope also to get updates and photos of what becomes of our donations. One of the things that struck me when watching Marwencol was how much the doll collecting community is a natural support system and audience for what Mark is doing. Sending a doll or some doll clothes or furniture or even tools is a way to concretely make an impact on Mark’s world.

 So What Can I Give?

Terri came up with a fantastic list of possible donations for Mark and we also asked Mark what he would like. Between the two we produced a master list, out of which one of the few negatives was “no Barbies”. Remember, Mark’s world is 1/6 scale. Some links are included in case you are not familiar with the figures or companies:
12” Fully Articulated “GI Joe type” 1/6 scale dolls
12” Female fully articulated dolls & clothes for these dolls:
Cy Girls by Blue Box International (BBI) ebay results for cy girls
ZC Girl, TTL (True to Life) Girls,
DML (Dragon Models Limited) Females
(No Barbies, please!)
Militaria in 1/6 scale (Helmets, weapons, mines, walkie talkies, canteen bag, gas mask, dog tags, maps, combat boots, tent. There are thousands of inexpensive items in this scale. some ebay results
Furniture…anything one would find in a military setting or a WWII village.
Props such as Barbie scale appliances (fan, radio, washer/dryer, toilet, fridge, etc.)
Horses and other farm animals.
Vehicles.: jeeps, motorcycles, bicycles and parts thereof.
Wood, wire, mini tubing, cork, twine
Hobby paint brushes and paint.
Sketch books and media (pencils, charcoal, etc.)
Small circuit boards for the time machine.
“Gorilla” Glue (strong glue.)
Terri’s note: Please remember that scale is important. We are looking for 1/6 scale to fit in with Marwencol. Figures are 12”. If you are looking on eBay be careful to verify the scale/size before you purchase anything. There are several different sized GI Joe dolls and accessories. Some sellers think you will know the scale and don’t include the info in their listings.
Photo: copyright Mark Hogancamp
There is a lot of stuff you can find at flea markets, yard sales and possibly in your own home that will be useful. I found many inexpensive clothing items on eBay for the Cy Girls.
Finally, watching Marwencol is the best way to see what Mark uses and might want more of. His small list of desires is incorporated into the list above.
Where Do I Send It?
Items should be mailed to Terri at:
c/o Terri Gold
1748 Glasco Turnpike
Woodstock, NY 12498

Donors should make sure that their full name in included inside the package. If they wish to remain anonymous after the fact, they should include that information. They should include an email address to which Terri will send confirmation of receipt of the donation.

If you have a question about something you wish to donate that’s not on or implied by the list, you can contact Terri Gold at huntdolls-mark@yahoo.com or me, Kevin, at tonnersocialmedia@gmail.com.

I want to thank Terri for her generous response and help in making the idea of donating to Mark a reality. And also all of those who have been discussing Marwencol on #dollchat and in private. The movie is very stirring and raises all kinds of questions about the power of art and play. If you have not seen the film I urge you to find it and give a viewing. Everyone from repaint artists to collectors have told me that they would love to give something to Mark. It is great to see a film and then realize that you can reach out and touch that life and creativity. We’ll keep you posted on developments so that even if you do not wish to, or can’t donate the story will live. In fact, I am wondering if we could post updates on the events in Marwencol here on our blog…

Photo: copyright Mark Hogancamp

I will photograph and bring everything donated to the Tonner store in Kingston which is just a few miles from my home. Mark's representative will deliver it to him personally.

 Charlie Cecil Riley blogged about Marwencol and the project. Click HERE to read her post.


Reinterpreted Runway Fashion

CDDC Challenge 4 Entries

 Challenge Four entries are up. The challenge:
"The Hollywood Gown" in golden age Hollywood was a time when there were gowns designed for film stars and movie rolls, by designers known worldwide.
Designers such as Adrian, Edith Head, and Irene, were known for their film gowns. Fashion and the movies have been married since the first moving pictures. There were times when the gown made the film and made even bigger the starlet who wore it, catapulting her into the next big "it" girl. This challenge is to create the perfect "Hollywood Gown". The gown has to be modern while also giving a nod to those famous Hollywood designers of yesteryear. The  gown must be camera ready and starlet bound, it must look good from all angles  and must provide that perfect "Hollywood publicity still".
  Some of the entries had no textual presentation at all. Some explained what they used to create the gown. Overall it was quite a mixed bag of entries.

This is a gown to die for and I want it. So Mr. you-know-who-you-are, sell it to me after the contest.

For me, the following submission is a humorous statement in which the artist decided to do her own thing.  I think it's very funny. It is definitely a creative interpretation of "starlet bound." I wonder if there's room for humor in the judges' repertoire of evaluations. Of course, it's not a gown so it doesn't adhere to the challenge and I think the entrant couldn't care less. Winner of the moxie award!

 She's had her turn on the casting couch.

 See all of the entries for this part of the contest.


Katana - First Look

Many are anxious to see the details of this new Sybarite, Katana. I took some quick pictures of her with a point and shoot in order to make you happy. :-) She does deserve some studio time.
My only criticism of this gal is that her wig is set too far back on her head giving her a ginormous forehead. I think she will look fabulous with other, more sophisticated wigs. The dress, shoes and handbag are meticulously crafted. The earrings are very cute. The mask...well perhaps it has a meaning I don't get. And the suicidal wrist straps are very funny. There is no sign of blood anywhere.

 The graphic lines are an overlay, not printed fabric as I originally thought.

Webinar Event Exclusive Agnes Mini Gift Set

At the end of the webinar on Saturday evening, all members of the W Club were offered the opportunity to purchase an exclusive Agnes Mini Gift Set.  She is being called "Truly Madly Deeply" and retails for $150. Deposits of $30 per set were taken at the time of ordering.
I'm not a huge fan of the ultra scowling Agnes although there  have been several versions that weren't that mean-looking. Currently in my collection I have the unique tan Agnes called "Firefly." She was an exclusive convention companion doll from Dolls in Oz, 2008.

Firefly Agness Redressed
TMD agnes is in a difficult gown. The design of the flared, trained peplum is not my taste.
It reminds me so much of other overly designed gowns, the first by Integrity for Gene Marshall (Madra is the model) and the second by Ashton Drake for Gene Marshall.
Jonquil Madra
My Favorite Bow Gene Marshall
Agnes also comes with an additional skirt and short-sleeved top:

The skirt is cute as are the shoes and handbag. The jacket's cuffs are a furry fabric. I wonder if this is the same fabric as Adele's wrap in a different color. Either way, it's odd.

 Doesn't Adele look Native American now?


Integrity Toys New Doll Release

Instead of posting every single doll that Integrity debuted the other day to the exclusive W Club members, I'm going to highlight what I pre-ordered and why and then I will review some of the other dolls.

The webinar opened with the presentation of the Dynamite Girls whose new season is called "Back to Brooklyn." That got my attention for obvious reasons...or if you don't know me...I grew up in Brooklyn, went to school there and worked there for a few years.  The dolls are cute - especially the two male dolls whose fashions are to die for. I ordered Auden because of his clothes. His hair is weird and too girlish.
  I probably should have ordered Remi, too, because I want his outfit. This is one SMOKIN' doll. The thing is, I don't collect male dolls. So what will I do with their adorable clothes? Sigh.
 I also ordered Gavin because I love red-haired dolls and she is adorable. I don't know if I will like her outfit in person. It's a little heavy looking. It sure would be cute if she had saddle shoes.
I don't know if the designers ever lived in Brooklyn or do now but Brooklyn was more than the trendy areas that exist currently. It was a place that many refuges from Eastern Europe first called home during and after WWI. It was the beginning of a new life in the New World where many found freedom from persecution, the right to educate their children, the right to work and advance economically. Brooklyn was all that and it was home. Entire extended families lived there. Mine did. It was wonderful.

Next up was the NuFace "Live, Work, Play" collection. I ordered "Lead Singles" Lillith and Eden Two Doll Gift Set because I liked all the clothes and the dolls are adorable. Someone has pointed out to me that Lillith's fashion is based on a design seen on Lady Gaga. More about that in another post.

The rest of the NuFace Collection includes the Count. I know they're calling him something else but this is one of the seriously ugly, most frighteningly freaky-looking faces ever. He was a vampire and now looks like a relative of Dorian Gray. And the jacket doesn't fit him properly. They should break this mold and stop trying to pass it off as something it's not. Someone apparently has an ego invested in this hideous mold.
Annik, Giselle, Perry?
The Poppy Parker Collection had a doll I knew I would order the moment I saw her, "She's Not There." This is Twiggy! Well done.

 And I just had to order Chip to go with her.

 And the Rest of the Poppy/Darla collection "Sunshine Games." I would love Darla's Mondrian dress if it were shorter.

Next up, the Fashion Royalty collection, "Style Directive" was presented. I was impressed with this entire collection in that the price point was kept reasonable and each doll came with accessories.
I ordered World on a String Eugenia. Her fashion looks fabulous. The 'fur' collar comes off the jacket. It's a very versatile outfit. IMO. I'm hoping the factory doesn't destroy the cute hairdo that shows in the promo.

I also pre-ordered "Main Attitude" Adele Makeda. I love her outfit, too. I'm not sure about the wrap but the rest of it is just perfect!
The remaining Fashion Royalty dolls are from Veronique in the upper left clockwise to Dania, Kesenia, the newly sculpted Kyori and Jordan.
Someone said that Kesenia looked like Poesie Sans Couleur Vanessa. Let me state unequivocally that she does not look at all like Poesie. Maybe the hair color and the vinyl tone reminded that collector of Vanessa but that's where the resemblance ends.  Kesenia has a vampire mouth. Kyori has gotten a new nose. It is slimmer and has more definition. I liked the original Kyori and didn't think she needed anything. This Kyori is a gift set that comes with lingerie and an additional outfit. I think Dania is lovely but I don't like the hair. Even in the promo it looks awkward.  Veronique, (this is actually Fauxnique,) reminded me so much of "It's My Party" Tyler I had to do a double take. It could be the pose...

Tyler "It's My Party"

Finally, the FR2 dolls were presented. Elise and Dasha were missing!
From left to right below are Tatyana, Lucia and Ayumi.

In the strange style to which the designers have become accustomed, Lucia (remember her from IFDC, etc.?) has now become Lucia. Carol Roth pronounced the name Loo-cha instead of Lu-chee-ah. It looks nothing like Lucia and god only knows why they used the name again. It is the same FNO sculpt I disliked as did so many others. On the right is "Opium Ayumi." I like the dress.  I ordered Tatyana out of the three. Jason said something about using seldom seen sculpts on the FR2 dolls. Does he think that the FR2 lovers are so obsessed that they will buy the doll even if they don't like the sculpt? At $175. a doll, I don't think so.

Overall, it was an impressive collection.

Here are photos of some other dolls for comparison.

Ugly; Ugliest; Vampire

Will the real Lu-ci-a please stand up? No, not you, Loo-cha.

Vanessa, Kesenia