Webinar Event Exclusive Agnes Mini Gift Set

At the end of the webinar on Saturday evening, all members of the W Club were offered the opportunity to purchase an exclusive Agnes Mini Gift Set.  She is being called "Truly Madly Deeply" and retails for $150. Deposits of $30 per set were taken at the time of ordering.
I'm not a huge fan of the ultra scowling Agnes although there  have been several versions that weren't that mean-looking. Currently in my collection I have the unique tan Agnes called "Firefly." She was an exclusive convention companion doll from Dolls in Oz, 2008.

Firefly Agness Redressed
TMD agnes is in a difficult gown. The design of the flared, trained peplum is not my taste.
It reminds me so much of other overly designed gowns, the first by Integrity for Gene Marshall (Madra is the model) and the second by Ashton Drake for Gene Marshall.
Jonquil Madra
My Favorite Bow Gene Marshall
Agnes also comes with an additional skirt and short-sleeved top:

The skirt is cute as are the shoes and handbag. The jacket's cuffs are a furry fabric. I wonder if this is the same fabric as Adele's wrap in a different color. Either way, it's odd.

 Doesn't Adele look Native American now?


  1. DollGrrlTrixie4/3/12, 6:49 PM

    this is the best adele they have made in yrs... everything is perfect on her.... the best outfit & best makeup!!

  2. Love this two dolls to bits! though i was turned down on adele... and aggie... well im not a member, so she'll be just a dream. hahaha.

    1. I thought Adele was still available. Hmmm. I'm surprised. I'm sure someone will be selling their Adele and you won't have to dream. But I wish you pleasant dreams anyway.

  3. I don't think Adele looks Native American at all. I think she looks like a very beautiful and slightly crabby black woman. LOL! I love her.

  4. I love Agnes' outfit but also wondered about fur on such a Spring-like outfit. I blew up the presentation photo and yep, fur. Used no where else seemed odd to me too but overall a killer suit. I may be removing the peplum of the skirt but I love that acrid color.