Integrity Toys New Doll Release

Instead of posting every single doll that Integrity debuted the other day to the exclusive W Club members, I'm going to highlight what I pre-ordered and why and then I will review some of the other dolls.

The webinar opened with the presentation of the Dynamite Girls whose new season is called "Back to Brooklyn." That got my attention for obvious reasons...or if you don't know me...I grew up in Brooklyn, went to school there and worked there for a few years.  The dolls are cute - especially the two male dolls whose fashions are to die for. I ordered Auden because of his clothes. His hair is weird and too girlish.
  I probably should have ordered Remi, too, because I want his outfit. This is one SMOKIN' doll. The thing is, I don't collect male dolls. So what will I do with their adorable clothes? Sigh.
 I also ordered Gavin because I love red-haired dolls and she is adorable. I don't know if I will like her outfit in person. It's a little heavy looking. It sure would be cute if she had saddle shoes.
I don't know if the designers ever lived in Brooklyn or do now but Brooklyn was more than the trendy areas that exist currently. It was a place that many refuges from Eastern Europe first called home during and after WWI. It was the beginning of a new life in the New World where many found freedom from persecution, the right to educate their children, the right to work and advance economically. Brooklyn was all that and it was home. Entire extended families lived there. Mine did. It was wonderful.

Next up was the NuFace "Live, Work, Play" collection. I ordered "Lead Singles" Lillith and Eden Two Doll Gift Set because I liked all the clothes and the dolls are adorable. Someone has pointed out to me that Lillith's fashion is based on a design seen on Lady Gaga. More about that in another post.

The rest of the NuFace Collection includes the Count. I know they're calling him something else but this is one of the seriously ugly, most frighteningly freaky-looking faces ever. He was a vampire and now looks like a relative of Dorian Gray. And the jacket doesn't fit him properly. They should break this mold and stop trying to pass it off as something it's not. Someone apparently has an ego invested in this hideous mold.
Annik, Giselle, Perry?
The Poppy Parker Collection had a doll I knew I would order the moment I saw her, "She's Not There." This is Twiggy! Well done.

 And I just had to order Chip to go with her.

 And the Rest of the Poppy/Darla collection "Sunshine Games." I would love Darla's Mondrian dress if it were shorter.

Next up, the Fashion Royalty collection, "Style Directive" was presented. I was impressed with this entire collection in that the price point was kept reasonable and each doll came with accessories.
I ordered World on a String Eugenia. Her fashion looks fabulous. The 'fur' collar comes off the jacket. It's a very versatile outfit. IMO. I'm hoping the factory doesn't destroy the cute hairdo that shows in the promo.

I also pre-ordered "Main Attitude" Adele Makeda. I love her outfit, too. I'm not sure about the wrap but the rest of it is just perfect!
The remaining Fashion Royalty dolls are from Veronique in the upper left clockwise to Dania, Kesenia, the newly sculpted Kyori and Jordan.
Someone said that Kesenia looked like Poesie Sans Couleur Vanessa. Let me state unequivocally that she does not look at all like Poesie. Maybe the hair color and the vinyl tone reminded that collector of Vanessa but that's where the resemblance ends.  Kesenia has a vampire mouth. Kyori has gotten a new nose. It is slimmer and has more definition. I liked the original Kyori and didn't think she needed anything. This Kyori is a gift set that comes with lingerie and an additional outfit. I think Dania is lovely but I don't like the hair. Even in the promo it looks awkward.  Veronique, (this is actually Fauxnique,) reminded me so much of "It's My Party" Tyler I had to do a double take. It could be the pose...

Tyler "It's My Party"

Finally, the FR2 dolls were presented. Elise and Dasha were missing!
From left to right below are Tatyana, Lucia and Ayumi.

In the strange style to which the designers have become accustomed, Lucia (remember her from IFDC, etc.?) has now become Lucia. Carol Roth pronounced the name Loo-cha instead of Lu-chee-ah. It looks nothing like Lucia and god only knows why they used the name again. It is the same FNO sculpt I disliked as did so many others. On the right is "Opium Ayumi." I like the dress.  I ordered Tatyana out of the three. Jason said something about using seldom seen sculpts on the FR2 dolls. Does he think that the FR2 lovers are so obsessed that they will buy the doll even if they don't like the sculpt? At $175. a doll, I don't think so.

Overall, it was an impressive collection.

Here are photos of some other dolls for comparison.

Ugly; Ugliest; Vampire

Will the real Lu-ci-a please stand up? No, not you, Loo-cha.

Vanessa, Kesenia


  1. Hi, Huntress! What stood out for me of all the collection are the accessories. I especially love the handbags. I'm a Poppy Parker fan, as you well know, and my favorites are the one you preordered because of the red fishnets and the one in silver and the one in yellow/blue.


  2. Hi Terri,

    I love the ones you have chosen also. Nice to see some more accessories included.

    I am laughing at your comments about the Count...LOL...he is not attractive at all...lol..

    Thank you for your wonderful reviews.

    gerri XXX

  3. I ordered "She's Not There" Poppy, too! I also ordered the swimsuit Poppy...well...because I'm such a sucker for a doll in a bikini... Seeing those Barbie Basics in Target is driving me crazy! I keep telling myself to resist! Don

    1. Sometimes resistance is futile. Stay out of Target!

  4. Was in Target today and they are on sale, Terri! Sale! $16 for the dolls and $12 for those accessory packs with the big, floppy Lindsay Wagner 70's hats. Took a breath and kept going. Phew. Don

    1. I saw them last week and escaped. I have so many pre-orders for so many more expensive dolls that it's ridiculous to need instant gratification. I wind up selling the Barbie stuff anyway.

  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to give us all your thoughts.I really love your very entertaining reviews. This is my first year in W Club so I was not sure what to expect. I guess I had to let the dog out or something because I missed the Count. The guy with the gray hair though, I could only wonder "What were they thinking?". A very strange expression indeed. For the most part I was satisfied with the changes. I thought MA Adele was a real stunner. Yet,Jordan's lip color was way too light for me.I hope the other "younger"collectors appreciate Eugenia's hair style. While I like that look, it seemed dated along side today's smoother, sleeker styles.I appreciated the way the interviewer moved the show along. She did seem horribly nervous though the way she giggled after every few words. As a public speaker,I am afraid I found that distracting. No offense to her. Keep it coming,Terri, I love when a new doll comes out just to read what you will say about it!

  6. Well seeing the pics again, I now regret not ordering Twiggy look alike Poppy. I am really please at the fashions/accessories.

  7. Terri you cracked me up with the "Loo-cha" which I thought I heard but thought, "no way!" hahahahaha.
    You'd think they knew their products names. LOL. And the count just scared the sh*t outta me when he popped on! Lose the sculpt. He's a dud. Maybe 3 will sell and they'll get the hint.
    I will say, I felt the Eugenia and Count were too old school as a couple (but I've been proven wrong before). I am sure when you get your hands on Eugie she will be amazing. Looking fwd to your photos of her.

    The rest of the collection was next to amazing. I don't know how they design and produce that many dolls with most being beautifully done. The accessories were killer this year. Thanks IT!!!

  8. 'Will the real Lu-ci-a please stand up? No, not you, Loo-cha.'

    Ha-ha-ha!!! Love to read your reviews, Terri, they are so true and you always hit the nail by the head. Great pleasure to read!

    Odd Doll/Nataly