Winners of CDDC Challenge Four

Congratulations to the winners of Challenge Four!

Beginner: Sue Towson

Intermediate: Cholo Ayuyao

Professional: Suyanee Wongchotwiriyakit

Photography Winner: Julia Peshkova

There were a few photographs I would have chosen over this one if I were to follow the Photo Challenge stated guidelines which are:
In general designers need to keep in mind that their creative photographs should show a clear image of the design and that the essence of the challenge should be discernable in the photograph.  Important elements in your photos are artistic expression, creativity, good use of design principles and photographic composition & quality.  (If you are not familiar with the elements and principles of design—look them up.) Remember to keep the following in mind: 
·         Lighting source (consider type of light—natural or artificial, angle of light to subject, shadows, hot spots)
·         Composition of the photograph (consider pose of model, use of backgrounds and props that enhance, but do not overpower, the design)
·         Focus & sharpness of the image (consider camera’s point of focus, angle of camera to subject, camera movement—use a tripod if possible)

Jim Faraone 
Sense of Humor: 5


  1. In my opinion the most interesting cathegory of the competition is intermediate.... I am a HUGE fan of Cholo and Anj work =)

    As for the photography winner, I liked others better aswell.

  2. Beautiful designs from incredible designers... these are some creative entries...just gorgeous!!