The dress and wrap Katana that is wearing are from a Monica Merrill doll. I'm thrilled that Tonner's Tyler-sized fashions fit Sybarites because their own fashions are extremely expensive.

I altered the image in Photoshop by de-saturating the entire thing and then going back in with the history brush set on 'color' to bring out the green tones. Then I colored the lips and cheeks with a low opacity brush.

As far as posing goes, I tried to create a support with armature wire but I couldn't achieve it. Part of the problem is that the shoes do not stand flat on the surface and the other problem is that Sybs are very heavy. Soooo...she's leaning on the table.

I'm falling in love with this doll. After this photo shoot I removed her wig and tried several wigs on. What a dramatic difference. Looking forward to photographing her with her new look.


  1. Love the photo, and that you've only brought some selective color to it...

  2. She's lovely--and is great in this outfit. I really love the selective coloring!

    As far as the wiring goes--it's kind of hit or miss with most BJDs I find. If you use a stronger gauge, you risk damaging the joints inside the doll, so it's often not worth messing with., at least IMosHO.