Tonner Factory Sale: Tuesday, April 10

So who's ready to crash the Tonner website? I seriously hope that they will be able to withstand the onslaught of crazed collectors looking for bargains.
Beginning at NOON EDT (Daylight Savings Time in, e.g., New York) the sale will go live.  They recommend checking your log in information ahead of time and offer a phone number for assistance : 1-800-79-2107.

Note the following:
First Come, First Served
Items placed in your shopping cart aren't guaranteed available until you complete the checkout process.  If only a few pieces remain of a particular item and other customers have them in their shopping cart and complete checkout before you, they may disappear from your cart. 
We Cannot Combine Orders 
If you have placed multiple orders, we cannot combine them.  This is an automated process handled at our warehouse in PA and orders will begin shipping immediately. 
 The "Virtual Factory Sale" applies only to items on www.tonnerdoll.com (not items in stock at the Tonner Company Store). Please note that ALL virtual factory sale items are sold "AS IS." Some items may have dinged boxes, ripped tissue paper or are missing the outside shipper boxes. All sales are final; no returns, exchanges or order cancellations.  Cannot be combined with any other offers, and good on in-stock, select items only.
Use THIS LINK to shop tomorrow. Clicking on it now will take you to a page that says Access Denied.


  1. Hey--am I missing something here? I live in Denver, CO, which is two hours behind New York, but when I went to log in at 9:30AM this morning (11:30AM New York time)the Tonner sale WAS ALREADY IN PROGRESS! Did they start early?
    Peggy T.

  2. I am in the UK and tried to get into the sale too, but I was constantly denied - despite being logged in with my account!
    Very sad face over the water.

  3. I logged into the site and don't see the sale going on. Also on FB it shows the sale will start in approx 6 hours. That isn't noon tomorrow? Confused!

    1. Susan: this post was made in 2012. The sale is tomorrow. Check Tonner's website for exact information.

  4. Thank You Terri! I should have paid attention to the dates! LOL