Tonner's Deja Vu Collection Now Shipping

Ever have that strange sensation of overwhelming familiarity, when something shouldn’t be familiar at all?  Penelope Brewster does.  She can’t recall if these experiences are manifesting from something that she’s read in a book or seen in a movie, but…could it be the remembrances of past lives?  She just chalks it up to Déjà Vu™ …but could it really be that simple?  
Follow Penelope as she sets out on her latest adventure across time!
The story line puts Penelope into three times: modern day, Age of Enlightenment and Roaring 20's. My favorite is the latter. The doll from that era is called Emma Jean McGowen. She comes in two basics versions, a dressed doll and a separate outfit. I like the outfits and the brunette doll.
The first two pictures are the basics listed at $99.99 each.
A Slight Chill Dressed Doll $189.99
Dancing the Night Away - Outfit $99
Many collectors love the big period gowns. They are thrilled with these designs which are centered around Anne De Leger. She reminds me of Cinderella in the basic version seen here. Retail price $139.99.
Ma Petite Rose - Outfit $109.99
La Vie de Versailles - Dressed Doll $209.99
Penelope Brewster is the modern day tragic figure in this trio of doomed damsels. She is available in two dressed doll versions at $159.99 each. On the left is "Production Assistant" and on the right is "Around Town."

Click here for the link to the Tonner Doll page featuring Deja Vu.

This line of dolls is available directly from Tonner, not through dealers. Hmmmm.

Picture of the Day by Susan in NC

I don't have enough time to browse all the doll boards. There is so much great stuff that collectors are posting. I'm subscribed to a thread called Fashionable Felines on DollyDaily.com so I get new posts mailed to me. This particular  photo was posted a month ago by Susan in NC.
It is entitled

 Leather and Lace: A Catsy Family Portrait
As time passed, they amassed.
It is so funny - especially the caption. I love it. Look at the clock on the wall. I had a full-sized one of those years ago.

Are you familiar with the Catsy dolls? I was not until I saw them on Dolly Daily. That's the trouble you run into when you spend too much time looking at the doll boards. You find other stuff to like. Sigh.

Catsy dolls are designed and manufactured by Elfdoll. They are resin ball-jointed figures whose eyes can be switched. Just like any other doll, they are customizable. If you do a Google search for "Catsy BJD" you will come up with many images of customized Catsy dolls. What is the plural for Catsy - Catsies?
Of course, when you do this search and see all the wonderful cats and other small BJD animal dolls out there, you will want one. Be warned, resistance may be futile.


Lisa Ramsammy Wins Design Competition

At the recently ended convention, there was a competition for advanced designers. Lisa Ramsammy of thedollplace won. Her design will be reproduced in the Integrity Toys line next year.

Congratulations to a very talented woman.

Lisa's Facebook Page Link


Fashion Royalty 2013 Convention Wrap-Up

The Saturday afternoon W Club Luncheon dolls were all about Victoire Roux.
The give-away doll's fashion looks a bit too large for her but the doll is pretty. Night at Ciro's
The centerpiece:
She is called Story Of My Life Victoire Roux and I love her fashion. It is just gorgeous.

The centerpiece on Saturday night was Vanessa, Black Orchid, (version 3) in a short leatherette dress created from one of Jason's designs. Looks like Jason stepped up to the plate with this convention — he was badly needed. IMO the dress doesn't cut it on this doll. From this angle, it looks like an apron. It is one Vanessa I will not miss having.

The convention souvenir is a stunning Elise, Midnight Star, who is also dressed in a miniature version of a Jason Wu runway fashion. This time the doll and the gown are absolutely, drop dead fantastic. Yes, I'd love to have this doll, but it's not going to happen.
Since they tossed the best sculpt away (the original Vanessa,) Elise has become my favorite. However, I am not going to do what I did with Vanessa which was to have all of them and then some multiples on top of that. I will never do that again.

The only doll I purchased from this convention was the welcome doll. She's a Monogram called Interlude. She was offered at a low price and then, last night, I was offered the accessory pack as well.
This is what I'm getting:
I'm very pleased.

The IT Convention Collection Photos

While I'm waiting for the official Saturday night photos to be posted, I thought I'd post pictures of the convention collection for those who have not seen them yet.
These were optional purchase dolls. Attendees could order in advance, sight unseen, or buy one or all at the event.

It's hard to judge from these photos, but I think the winner out of this group is Natalia and the Veronique (if it is Veronique) in the white suit. The pose is hot! That suit is one of the outfits I'd like to get my hands on. The convention Natalia reminds me of the first ever Natalia, Cosmetic Takeover—the colors, the long wavy hair. Gorgeous. I think the original Natalia did not need a face lift at all. She was quite popular the way she was - with a little retained ethnicity.

The Adele is awfully under-dressed compared to the rest of the gals. She looks quite out of place. Agnes, meh. Nothing new there. The others are OK but not inspiring. At least they are not laughable which is a huge improvement over last year's bunch. Someone said "keep it simple" and that's what happened. It's all good.