Fashion Royalty 2013 Convention Wrap-Up

The Saturday afternoon W Club Luncheon dolls were all about Victoire Roux.
The give-away doll's fashion looks a bit too large for her but the doll is pretty. Night at Ciro's
The centerpiece:
She is called Story Of My Life Victoire Roux and I love her fashion. It is just gorgeous.

The centerpiece on Saturday night was Vanessa, Black Orchid, (version 3) in a short leatherette dress created from one of Jason's designs. Looks like Jason stepped up to the plate with this convention — he was badly needed. IMO the dress doesn't cut it on this doll. From this angle, it looks like an apron. It is one Vanessa I will not miss having.

The convention souvenir is a stunning Elise, Midnight Star, who is also dressed in a miniature version of a Jason Wu runway fashion. This time the doll and the gown are absolutely, drop dead fantastic. Yes, I'd love to have this doll, but it's not going to happen.
Since they tossed the best sculpt away (the original Vanessa,) Elise has become my favorite. However, I am not going to do what I did with Vanessa which was to have all of them and then some multiples on top of that. I will never do that again.

The only doll I purchased from this convention was the welcome doll. She's a Monogram called Interlude. She was offered at a low price and then, last night, I was offered the accessory pack as well.
This is what I'm getting:
I'm very pleased.

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  1. This convention was really good. I like almost all FR dolls, they are FANTASTIC, except Bittersweet Eugenia, actually I do not prefer any Eugenia this year...

    I am getting October Issue Agnes, I think she will be a grail when real life pictures start to come.

    The real surprise for me was Dangerous to Know Kyori, really something special, got to have her as well. She should have been a centerpiece, just brilliant.

    Since I skip on Shapeshifter Natalia, I might get Brazen Beauty, but will think about it.

    Overall I am happy with this convention, I am glad they dumped old body, it was about time.