Picture of the Day by Susan in NC

I don't have enough time to browse all the doll boards. There is so much great stuff that collectors are posting. I'm subscribed to a thread called Fashionable Felines on DollyDaily.com so I get new posts mailed to me. This particular  photo was posted a month ago by Susan in NC.
It is entitled

 Leather and Lace: A Catsy Family Portrait
As time passed, they amassed.
It is so funny - especially the caption. I love it. Look at the clock on the wall. I had a full-sized one of those years ago.

Are you familiar with the Catsy dolls? I was not until I saw them on Dolly Daily. That's the trouble you run into when you spend too much time looking at the doll boards. You find other stuff to like. Sigh.

Catsy dolls are designed and manufactured by Elfdoll. They are resin ball-jointed figures whose eyes can be switched. Just like any other doll, they are customizable. If you do a Google search for "Catsy BJD" you will come up with many images of customized Catsy dolls. What is the plural for Catsy - Catsies?
Of course, when you do this search and see all the wonderful cats and other small BJD animal dolls out there, you will want one. Be warned, resistance may be futile.


  1. Many thanks again for choosing my Catsy family pic as "Picture of the Day", Terri! It's a great honor and very much appreciated!

    PS - Catsy fans use both spellings for the plural. I sometimes try to avoid that conundrum by just calling them Catsy cats. :o)

    1. Thank you for that information. BTW...where on earth did you get that miniature cat clock?

    2. Susan in NC11/6/13, 9:50 AM

      It's actually a vintage plastic pin I found on Rubylane, Terri. The seller described it as an old premium they gave out with the sale of those Kit-Cat clocks, but I haven't been able to verify that. I did see another one on ebay once - it was an orange color - but the seller was asking a lot more for it.