The IT Convention Collection Photos

While I'm waiting for the official Saturday night photos to be posted, I thought I'd post pictures of the convention collection for those who have not seen them yet.
These were optional purchase dolls. Attendees could order in advance, sight unseen, or buy one or all at the event.

It's hard to judge from these photos, but I think the winner out of this group is Natalia and the Veronique (if it is Veronique) in the white suit. The pose is hot! That suit is one of the outfits I'd like to get my hands on. The convention Natalia reminds me of the first ever Natalia, Cosmetic Takeover—the colors, the long wavy hair. Gorgeous. I think the original Natalia did not need a face lift at all. She was quite popular the way she was - with a little retained ethnicity.

The Adele is awfully under-dressed compared to the rest of the gals. She looks quite out of place. Agnes, meh. Nothing new there. The others are OK but not inspiring. At least they are not laughable which is a huge improvement over last year's bunch. Someone said "keep it simple" and that's what happened. It's all good.


  1. Love that Poppy in the black and white ensemble. Okay- I'm hooked. MAY IT again, LOL!!!

  2. Yes, I think there are some pretty girls here. I so love the Veronique? in the white suit. I also like the top first doll on the left...Agnes?..blonde hair pulled back..and the redhead in the green sheath.
    I have already forgotten names as I have not collected for a few years...they are lovely dolls and I did have a lot of fun with them. As I said, I lost interest in my favorites getting different sculpts and the prices were getting way too high.
    Thanks for the review, Terri.


  3. The top first doll on the left is Adele. Agnes is on the right next to her. The redhead in the sheath is Eugenia (I think.)

  4. Agnes is actually the one I like the most out of all of the ones pictured here. Her clothes. Her hair. Everything about her.