Integrity Toys Convention Post #2

Here are the dolls from Friday.
The Poppy luncheon centerpiece is beautifully dressed and sophisticated.
The Poppy give-away doll has a gorgeous face.

The evening meal centerpiece was Natalia in orange! I'm not a fan of this doll but it could be worse.

The give-away doll was Kyori. Simple and appropriately dressed with an interesting hairstyle. I liked the old Kyori mold.

Whoever took over the reins this year has done everyone a favor...even those of us who didn't attend, (although there's less comedy involved in the review.) The dolls are prettier and the fashions aren't  immature as most were last year.

I'm wondering if Vanessa will make an appearance. I guess I'm still coming from the old school of Vanessa lovers. Perhaps she made enough appearances already in other ways this past year. What about Adele? Dasha?

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