Herve Leger Barbie Deboxed

I could not resist deboxing the Herve Leger Barbie Doll set.
First I took out the black and white dress and this Misaki doll who had previously been switched to a NuFace body got to try it on. The boots belong to another doll as do the earrings.

The dresses are made extremely well. I haven't removed the red dress or the harness belt from the Barbie doll but I could see the quality of construction. The harness has a zipper! That was quite unexpected considering that Mattel uses Velcro so often.

I wish this doll was articulated. It's ridiculous to have such beautiful fashions on a rigid doll.


  1. She has a beautiful face and I love the fashions - makes no sense for Mattel to make her

  2. Mine arrived today unexpectedly and she is amazing! Been wondering how the dress would look like from the back. Thanks for the insight! Anyhow you should consider re-bodying the doll for more articulation and pose. I bet you have the replacement body in store somewhere. Do take photos of her if you do re-body her.

    1. I'm glad yours arrived! I won't be rebodying the Barbie, however. I will use the fashions on other dolls instead. Thank you for your comments!

  3. Well that's just a thought. I would be very nice to see though. Good to know Barbie fashion is up to standards. Being a doll produced in larger numbers the quality of construction or materials are always questionable. I wish all collector Barbies are made with the same TLC. There was a time when they were all so impeccably made (the reason why I collect mostly past releases). These days they are much less so. I have a partiality for Barbie and tend to look at some of her flaws with one eye closed, but sometimes they are so glaring even I can't ignore it.