Integrity Toys 2013 Convention

While I'm listening to the news about a shooting at LAX...a few miles from there the IT convention is taking place. Hopefully it's not causing any concern to the attendees although it is cause for concern that this keeps happening over and over again in the US.

So far the dolls look very nice. This Monogram was a give away in the welcome bag:
Here's a gorgeous 'hair workshop' Elise. I think she's may be the convention winner since the eBay prices are going sky high for her.

Eugenia was the first centerpiece and is styled with a vintage flair. Her hair is gorgeous. I like her grey eyebrows as they don't overwhelm her face.  Eugenia collectors will be thrilled. I understand she's got the new FR2 body.

Looks to me like there is more control over the designs this year...no freaky colors - so far. If everything is black, no one can complain about color.

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