Cirque! New Bitten Sybarite Available Today

This is Cirque. She is posted for sale at Superdoll.
Here is the description (for those not inclined to go to the page themselves.)


GEN 3:2
Fugu clone: 0702


Eyes of oxblood, lids dusted in ruby and charcoal eyeshadow, multiple liner in grey & black. Lips of blackened blood.
Lounging as she does in a nude silk satin kimono bearing custom 'free the bats' print and gilt SUPERDOLL seal. All of this with 2 tone tie belt. Underneath she wears bleeding skull and crossbone corselet and panties with matching hose and stiletto's.
Hair of beige, coiffed to within an inch of her vicious brows and cascading into tumbling retro curls.
Accessories consist her mask, matching skull and crossbone armlets and 'gold' AW tag earings.

Includes doll stand and applied eyelashes.
Production may vary from prototype shown >!!VIEW SUPERIMAGE!!<
In stock

Price: £397.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

I think she's the most glamorous Fugu yet. Her eyes, the color of her lips, the wig all contribute to a smoldering, sexy look. As far as the bite marks...the jury is out on that for now. It's better than fangs in any event.

How much is £397.00 you ask?
USD $636.73 or Euro 467.67

And then there's shipping, of course.


  1. OOOOHHHH WOW she is just drop dead gorgeous !
    Unfortunately I don't have any Sybarite, not yet !
    They are sooo expensive, but well at least the shipping would be less expensive for me (I live in Switzerland),

  2. I agree completely. She is one gorgeous syb, one of the better ones in a while. Love her!

  3. Too pricy for what she is. A lingerie doll in an amazing robe, using a somewhat unpopular face sculpt.
    Still up for sale on the site, as well.
    Have C&D lost their touch?