Integrity Toys New Collection Announcement: The Industry

Members of the W Club received notification of the new Industry product release on Thursday.  The collection consists of three female and two male dolls. Each is an edition of 600 dolls and retails for $125. All were available for pre-order at authorized IT dealers at the time of the announcement.

Come Thru!
Head Sculpt: Tulabelle
Hair Color: Light-Auburn
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied
Body Type: The Industry 1.0
Foot Sculpt: Traditional High-Heeled Feet
Skin Tone: Japan


Style Savior
Head Sculpt: Liu Liu Ling (New Sculpt!)
Hair Color: Pale Pink
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied
Body Type: The Industry 1.0
Foot Sculpt: Flat (Articulated at the Ankles)
Skin Tone: FR White


Zine Queen
Head Sculpt: Binx Barone (New Sculpt!)
Hair Color: Brunette
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied
Body Type: The Industry 1.0
Foot Sculpt: Traditional High-Heeled Feet
Skin Tone: New Hispanic


Believe the Hype
Head Sculpt: Tate Tanaka (New Sculpt!)
Hair Color: Raven
Eyelashes: No
Body Type: Homme 1.5
Foot Sculpt: Homme
Skin Tone: Japan

Beauty Boss
Head Sculpt: Cabot Clark (New Sculpt!)
Hair Color: Platinum
Eyelashes: No
Body Type: Homme 1.5
Foot Sculpt: Homme
Skin Tone: FR White

The back-story behind this line of dolls is the world of the fashion industry. 
Bloggers, designers, fashion stylists, hair and makeup artists, as well as photographers and many other creative artists meet to set the trends and dictate what the next big looks will be. Tulabelle True and her friends know how to navigate The Industry like no other and you are invited to follow their adventures!
That's a wide open field for the designers at Integrity. My first impression of this collection is that the male dolls are fabulous. Their hair, clothes and accessories are very attractive. 

Thinking of the history of male dolls that IT has released, they have all been pretty great except for Chip, Poppy's boyfriend, and Perry the Vampire in all his incarnations. 

The female dolls are just average. I'm not quite sure about Style Savior's huge fur coat.  It  would need to be worn by a doll with a sleeker hairstyle. 

What I really love are the accessories. Tate Tanaka's bag with the footprints is adorable. His entire fashion is really great. The iPads and iPhones are essential. Tulabelle's neckpiece and clutch bag are very cute. If I were adding 12" dolls to my collection, I'd definitely get the two male dolls. 


Beautiful Fashions and Accessories by Pure Icon Paris

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a few of my 12" Fashion Royalty dolls wearing Pure Icon Paris fashions and accessories. 
The clean lines of the fashions are extremely versatile and can make a perfect wardrobe foundation for a doll. Doll collectors can add scarves, jackets, shawls and furs to create multiple looks. 
Links are at the bottom of this page. I recommend you visit Pure Icon to see what they have to offer your beautiful dolls!

Adele is wearing a red gown, carrying a matching clutch and on her wrist is a chunky black bangle.

Elise models a perfect little black dress.
She's added a black and gold metal belt, dramatic red neckpiece, earrings, bracelet and ring.

Elise wears this long sleeved red dress to work and out for dinner.
It's accessorized bit a red and gold metal belt and bright gold jewelry.

Detail of gold jewelry.

Elise is dressed for date night in a sleek, strapless LBD. For jewelry she's chosen silver and ruby red accented earrings and neckpiece. Red bangles and ring complete her look.
Look closely at her hands. Her acrylic nails are gorgeous!

Kyori is on her way to a fashion show in a stylish print sheath circled by a red and silver belt.
She's wearing silver jewelry and carrying a roomy black handbag.

My Mini LiveWire doll is wearing a dark red gown with a deep V neckline.
Her accessories are all sparkly silver.

Jewelry detail.

Pure Icon Paris is a handmade, luxury fashion brand for 12” Fashion Royalty dolls. The business was founded in Paris in 2014 by a skilled designer. Previously, the artist was developing technologies with which to work extraordinary quality fabrics including custom-made materials. In each collection, Pure Icon Paris presents a sleek and luxurious Parisian style with lifelike, refined cut fashions, perfect details, high quality, unique jewelry and handbags. The designs are made for FR2 and CI bodies, presented on self-made OOAK dolls to create a complete Pure Icon Universe. The designer’s goal is to create outstanding perfection with care in design.
The creations are available in the Pure Icon Paris Boutique on Ebay. Earlier collections can be viewed on the brand’s Facebook page. Inquire about ordering personalized items. Pure Icon’s other speciality is permanent acrylic nails applied to doll hands in several sizes, shapes and styles.
Each Pure Icon Paris design is created to satisfy the needs of a demanding customer with refined taste.
Everything made in Paris.

Pure Icon Paris on Ebay:

Pure Icon Paris on Facebook:

March 2017 Purse of the Month Club

This month Diana and Janet are offering two adorable Swan Bags ala Kate Spade and a Kate Spade Tote set. Handbags can be made to suit either 12" or 16" dolls.

Each Swan Bag is made of a leather color combination:  White and champagne, and Black leather and black suede.  Each features the layered design front and back so it looks good from every angle!  36.00 + shipping

The Kate Spade Tote set is so sweet!  The front features a Mother swan and her little ones, with the Kate Spade logo above, and includes a long black and white scarf.  30.00  And, you can add an adorable Swan Mink Pompom keychain for 5.00 extra.  It's detachable, and a tribute to the real thing!  Please be sure to mention if you want the key chain add-on.

They have built this month's entire collection around these bags which you can see at the links below.

The Separates this month include a fitted print top with detached black belt, -- 35.00 -- and a matching skirt -- 30.00.  Both items are fully lined and available in Teal or Tan print.
To view the Handbags, Tote and separates, click here:

 The Elite Ensembles give you great options this month.  Created in either the Teal or Tan Option, each includes a long knit jacket banded with black, and with a black back-belt.  You can choose the fitted top and skirt underneath, or swap it for a matching turtleneck bodysuit.  Just ask!  Also included are the Tote Set, shoes, earrings and your choice of handbag.
To view the Elite Ensembles, click here:
Your girls will swim into spring, with the Kate Spade tribute collection from La Boutique.

Please send all orders to: dianawieler@hotmail.com.