Monster High Furniture

Draculaura Jewelry Box Coffin
Several crappy pieces of plastic - a waste of money.  Make your own bed and use the money to buy another doll. 
Make sure you follow the directions when you attach the top and bottom to the support posts. If you don't press hard and firm, it will not stay together.

Frankie Stein Mirror Bed
The boy dolls do not fit on this "bed." It barely stays balanced when the doll is on. Very dumb.

You may spend more time assembling this piece of junk than you will playing with it.  They overdid it will 'cuteness' and color. The monster-ness doesn't translate well to furniture.

High school related items would be far more appropriate for this line of dolls. Desks, books, a classroom perhaps, science experiments...

Carol Roth Markets Her New Book and Doll to the W Club

Carol Roth, aka CJ, is the owner of and her company operates the W Club. The book is called The Entrepreneur Equation. There is a post on the W Club board which explains what the book is about. (Hint: it's not dolls.)

According to the post, the doll was created for the press
and Carol has set aside several (?) hundred for Club members. In order to get the doll you have to buy 6 books at $25. each. If you live in the States, that amounts to $150 plus $13 shipping.  Outside of the USA, shipping is $40. and you don't get the books at all, just the doll - except in Canada.

"Because of the outsourced fulfillment for this particular project, we are unable to send books outside of Canada and the US through our provider." In English that means that the company (provider/outsourcer) that is doing the shipping for them doesn't ship overseas.

I've just gotten 
an entire business lesson 
trying to 

The doll uses the Anja sculpt and is on a Nu.Face body. She is dressed in a simple black sheath and comes with pink heels, a black handbag and a miniature version of the book.

It's a cute doll. 
The W Club is a business.


Tonner's Artemis of Bana Mighdall ~ Redressed

13" Artemis of Bana Mighdall LE200, the New York Comic Con exclusive, showed up as a birthday gift a few weeks ago. My son attended that event back in September 2010,  purchased her for me and managed to keep it a secret all that time!
I just can't abide the shape of her head; she's got this gigantic, manly chin. But...not being one to abandon all hope immediately, I purchased two fashions for her.
In this picture she is wearing "Summer Avenue." It's a new Tonner Wardrobe item for the 13" dolls. The doll shown wearing it looks great and I hope to do something with Artemis to make her hair softer and perhaps that will soften the shape of her face.

Image Property of Tonner Doll Co.
My doll looks like a schlump compared to the promo photo. The outfit is adorable and fits very well. I have added a La Boutique LV handbag with matching scarf. I must get rid of those handlebars.

It was very cold today but the light was good so I grabbed the point & shoot and another newcomer to the team, "Vice" Cissy. This is one of the three 21" Cissy dolls that was designed by Jason Wu for the Madame Alexander Doll Company.
Not exactly a doll for all tastes, she is quite dramatic and sophisticated. Her facial screening is harder than most earlier Cissy dolls. Although in the last few years, there have been some Cissy's with over-the-top makeup.
She is my sixth Cissy. If I got any more I'd have to build them their own house.

Ultrasuede dog with Swarovski crystal collar.
Gloves with fingers!
Jason Style!
Devon got another chance to shine today. She came out on the snowy deck dressed in a Tonner Death by Fashion outfit. It's a great color for her.
Same outfit in this picture only it was taken indoors with artificial light.

This is my favorite so far.  Stay tuned!


Pretty Doll Pictures

I've been crazy busy these last few weeks with new dolls and doll clothes. I finally photographed the Misaki I purchased during the convention in Pittsburgh more than 2 months ago. She is Red Rabbit and I wanted her from the first time I saw her. I sold my entire Misaki collection about three years ago. She is the only one living here.

She is sitting on a little shelf with one of my computer speakers. I am happy to finally have her.

The Evangeline Ghastly stuff keeps flowing in. As of today I have acquired three dressed dolls, nine complete fashions, several separates and accessories such as hats and shoes, wigs and Bella. I have never gone so gaga over a doll. I am quite sure that part of this is my desire to go in a different direction with my collecting. 

A Tangled Web in A Windy Evening coat.
Waiting for Mortimer with Bella.
Everlasting Evangeline in her own outfit with Joe Tai jewelry.
Aren't they gorgeous? The first and third EG's are wigged. I wish they were all wigged dolls. It's so much more fun to be able to change their appearance.

I have been buying clothing for my 16" dolls and filling in here and there. The big girls are getting lots of attention and they look fabulous. I stare at Devon a lot. She is so gorgeous. I'm a little afraid to touch her. I've got lots of stuff for her to try. Right now she is in one of the Tonner Death by Fashion dresses and I just stare at her. I will take a picture....after I finish staring. I haven't even posted a picture of her in this blog yet.  Here she is in Bijou's gown and necklace. The wig is AG Eclectic's (I think.)
These pictures of Devon were taken with a point and shoot camera.
(That's an excuse. Haha)

The next two were taken in the studio.
Original Wig by Pattart

I am having problems with my camera and lighting. My pictures are coming out off color and it may be due to my older strobes. I readjusted the settings inside the camera but I'm not satisfied. I have to do way too much post-processing color adjustment.


DOLLS Magazine Sends Out "Winner" Notifications for I Love How You Love Me Poppy Giftset

Earlier today, DOLLS Magazine sent out emails to the 60 lucky people who got the chance to purchase a Poppy giftset. Sighs of relief were heard but there is a great deal of vitriol on the DOLLS' site right now.

Carie Ferg, DOLLS Associate Publisher, wrote:
"We sincerely apologize your Poppy Parker ordering experience was so frustrating. Basically, our server became so overwhelmed with activity at noon, that we couldn’t activate our store as planned. After increasing bandwidth and trying to activate for several hours, we decided the best thing we could do given the circumstances was to take orders via the e-mail form. The quantity then did sell out in just over five minutes. We’ve learned for the future that we need MORE bandwidth. Sorry for any inconvenience this caused. "

Several collectors responded harshly:
 "Carry [sic], I think that's crap....you should have sent an email out through the w club about how you we're going to give the 60 out since your server couldn't handle it, so everyone had a fair shot.... Or picked from the names that weren't picked in the lottery.  Jones publishing has bad customer service and bad business practices!!!"

"To Txxxx and Cari [sic],
In a nut shell - BAD form.
You DO NOT change the rules of the game in the middle!
It's cheating. Plain and simple.
Thanks for absolutely nothing, but a frustrating waste of 2.5 hours. "

Collectors are attacking each other as well.  You can read it for yourself and be amazed at the intensity of the anger.


I was not at all surprised at the disaster yesterday. This has happened before and will happen again. DOLLS Magazine was not prepared in advance for the onslaught. They should have been informed by those in the know at Integrity Toys what to expect. They were left hanging in the wind.
I saw their offer to take emails not as a switch midstream that was done without regard, but as an attempt in an emergency situation, to help potential buyers.

I also understand the depth of disappointment of those who did not get to buy the set. I suffered at the hands of FAO during the AFL Platinum 'sale.' That debacle was handled even worse than this. Some collectors were confirmed by FAO personal shoppers and then two weeks later told there was no doll for them. It was terrible!

It's becoming rather unsafe to post opinions on the doll boards these days. I have read that people are afraid to post opinions for fear of being attacked or ridiculed. I think they have a rational fear. 

 Sic – generally inside square brackets, [sic], and occasionally parentheses, (sic) – when added just after a quote or reprinted text, indicates that the passage is just as it appears from its original source. The usual purpose is to inform readers that any errors or apparent errors in the copied material are not from transcription – i.e. that they are reproduced exactly from the original writer or printer.


The W Club Takes Down Another Website!

Power to the W Club Members! In an attempt to order the remaining Poppy gift sets, collectors (not just from the W  Club) charged onto the Doll's Magazine website at precisely Noon CST. Almost immediately, the site crashed and stayed crashed for several hours.
People have been leaving comments; here are several:

-I too tried for two hours and even spoke to someone on the phone and was never able to get on to the site. 
 -I would like to thank Dolls Magazine for this wonderful opportunity I was given not being able to buy anything, it was magical and I am grateful.  
-I've also been at working trying to order since 1PM EST time
which is noon CST. Either I get under maintentance or overloaded. 

-Poorly handled. Why offer something for sale if the website to order it can't be used? Now it's sold out? Ridiculous. I'm extremely disappointed in the whole thing. I won't be back here for any more offers. 
-sorry, but the link to WClub members never got online and the doll is sold out? how can that be possible? I heard you took some emails here in this page. it NOT FAIR AT ALL as it was not addressed to all members and once this site is open to the public, anyone could have purchased the doll. please revise it and open the opportunity to ALL MEMBERS to purchase the 60 dolls left to make this thing right.
-This was so poorly handled, it's a disgrace. I wasted two hours on your stupid site waiting for your stupid link to come active, and then you sneakily put up a note to let people know that they can email their order! WTF? What about the rest of us who were using the link YOU provided for us. I will never read your magazine again. 

The liaisons had previously posted that they have nothing to do with how Dolls will be selling the remaining sets. They are a separate entity. So why did the W Club offer any for sale at all? Did Dolls magazine think they wouldn't be able to sell the giftsets. I'm perplexed.

This happens over and over when an outside source sells - except Bergdorf Goodman. That worked seamlessly.

I Just Had to Debox Them

I bought the Barbie Louboutin shoe collection although I thought, even on sale, that it was ridiculously overpriced. The packaging was irresistible. When they arrived, I was not disappointed and because the presentation was so pretty, I decided to keep them boxed.
That lasted 2 weeks. But I couldn't stand it. They had to come out. I had to touch every pair of shoes with my grubby hands and play with them.
They are definitely not going to fit my FR dolls but there was a Silkie hanging around and she got to try a pair.
I was pleased to find that there is a box and a shoe bag for each of the nine included pairs of shoes. This is definitely a fun item.