DOLLS Magazine Sends Out "Winner" Notifications for I Love How You Love Me Poppy Giftset

Earlier today, DOLLS Magazine sent out emails to the 60 lucky people who got the chance to purchase a Poppy giftset. Sighs of relief were heard but there is a great deal of vitriol on the DOLLS' site right now.

Carie Ferg, DOLLS Associate Publisher, wrote:
"We sincerely apologize your Poppy Parker ordering experience was so frustrating. Basically, our server became so overwhelmed with activity at noon, that we couldn’t activate our store as planned. After increasing bandwidth and trying to activate for several hours, we decided the best thing we could do given the circumstances was to take orders via the e-mail form. The quantity then did sell out in just over five minutes. We’ve learned for the future that we need MORE bandwidth. Sorry for any inconvenience this caused. "

Several collectors responded harshly:
 "Carry [sic], I think that's crap....you should have sent an email out through the w club about how you we're going to give the 60 out since your server couldn't handle it, so everyone had a fair shot.... Or picked from the names that weren't picked in the lottery.  Jones publishing has bad customer service and bad business practices!!!"

"To Txxxx and Cari [sic],
In a nut shell - BAD form.
You DO NOT change the rules of the game in the middle!
It's cheating. Plain and simple.
Thanks for absolutely nothing, but a frustrating waste of 2.5 hours. "

Collectors are attacking each other as well.  You can read it for yourself and be amazed at the intensity of the anger.


I was not at all surprised at the disaster yesterday. This has happened before and will happen again. DOLLS Magazine was not prepared in advance for the onslaught. They should have been informed by those in the know at Integrity Toys what to expect. They were left hanging in the wind.
I saw their offer to take emails not as a switch midstream that was done without regard, but as an attempt in an emergency situation, to help potential buyers.

I also understand the depth of disappointment of those who did not get to buy the set. I suffered at the hands of FAO during the AFL Platinum 'sale.' That debacle was handled even worse than this. Some collectors were confirmed by FAO personal shoppers and then two weeks later told there was no doll for them. It was terrible!

It's becoming rather unsafe to post opinions on the doll boards these days. I have read that people are afraid to post opinions for fear of being attacked or ridiculed. I think they have a rational fear. 

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  1. I was so happy to win one, but I am definately scared to mention I won this Poppy. I would have been crushed if I had not been able to win one as she is very beautiful. It's sad that collectors are turning on each other. The bottom line is that this is a popular doll and Doll Magazine should have been prepared for the onslaught. Also, we as collectors should know that no doll is impossible to not own eventually. It might be marked up to 3-4x what it retailed at, but we can still get them if we want it bad enough. Yes, I wanted Bergdorf and was upset that I did not get her, but we have to remember, THESE ARE DOLLS. I have a life outside of collecting. I'm happy if I win, disappointed if I don't, but just because you don't win, doesn't mean you can't get her later. You just have to pay more if you want her that badly. I can't afford Bergdorf, but maybe if I sell a few Poppies, it will bring me closer to her. Just my own anonymous opinion.

  2. I think some people were being unbelievable babies about the whole Poppy thing. I've missed out on a LOT of dolls I've wanted in the past (everybody has at one point or another), and never screamed and ranted the way these people did. I understand it's frustrating to miss out on a limited doll, but DANG. ...

    Some people were calling the magazine dishonest and sneaky, which I was quite frankly shocked at. The magazine was just trying to do the best they could considering the Poppy fans had crashed their entire site. Yes, the magazine should have been better prepared to handle the bandwidth, but I don't think they knew what they were in for.

    I'm worried now that Dolls magazine will NEVER offer another Integrity exclusive, ever, after this madness.

    Notice I'm posting this anonymously. ... I'm scared I'll get screamed at, too. (Not by you, Terri, but by some of the other people who were frustrated they didn't get their doll.)

  3. Goodness! Gracious, even!

  4. This is a great post. And I, for one, am always grateful that your blog so wonderfully expresses your opinion...and, no, it's not just because I usually agree with you ;) ...but because one can hardly find truly honest opinions or reviews on the doll boards anymore for fear of offending or being attacked.

    I gave up on Poppy long ago...with the ridiculously delayed first release...where I waited six MONTHS to receive a doll with man- hands, bad hair, and face paint that did not look like the prototype. Why do we let ourselves be subjected to this and pay money for it? It's self-abuse.

    You said it really well in a blog post from last year....I am gonna go find it so I can read it again.

    Take Care

  5. The most interesting factor in this is that the frenzy was over 60 dolls. WHY couldn't the W Club have had the entire allotment if DOLLS knew they would have at least SOME problems with their website server?
    60 dolls?? I still can't wrap my head around the fact that so many people crashed a website for so few dolls.
    The frenzy and the resulting hard feelings would never have happened if Dolls Magazine had been forthcoming on the extremely low number of dolls left for sale to the general public. I am not including the W Club members, who could count and see from the lottery results that around 50 dolls would be sold.

    The website sales should not have been treated like a huge and great opportunity to buy this doll set. False " exclusivity" and " rarity" have always been so attractive to those in charge at IT. It's so tiring all these years later.

    I dread whatever they have planned for the 12th so much. I really thought FAO would be the end to the mad rush and poor selling practices. Thank you for allowing me to express my disappointment at the way a company chose to hide what was really up for sale, had their site been operable.

  6. Terri, thank you for being a voice of reason in this. I read the posts and believe the extreme statements were meant mostly as venting...and as is usually the case it is best to scream and yell in frustration where there aren't going to be witnesses later.
    That people are taking these matters so personally and feel such a sense of entitlement is disconcerting but not all that surprising.
    I don't think Dolls magazine did anything wrong. There is no benefit to them in having their system crash and potential customers angry with them. IT's marketing has been heavily focused on building up a small frenzy for the small editions that they release and it has been remarkably, if annoyingly, successful.
    I only wish their products were better...and more plentiful.
    Will C.

  7. Call me crazy, but um, it's a doll. A nice doll I suppose (with the same face as 25 other dolls) ... People have no idea how vile and rude they are over something truly ridiculous. Selfish, obnoxious, and vapid. What is poor form, is being a poor sport.

  8. I am so happy you posted this Terri. I was disgusted by the comments and some of the nasty, rude, catty comments made over there. One poor person posted that she didn't think the order process was that bad, and people jumped all over her. One notorious person who should be ashamed of himself should know better because he's been a board moderator before (think he got fired though, thank goodness!) and an artist. I wouldn't buy a product from him after reading his nasty words. He should have considered that before writing those vicious things. Venting is one thing, but it really crossed the line. I am posting anonomously because like many others I'm afraid of negative backlash and I can't handle the stress from being attacked for not following the herd. Also because I was able to get this giftset through Dolls Magazine and I am sad that I can't ever say it because of sour grapes

  9. @Anonymous: I'll probably get attacked for allowing your response to be published. LOL. I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't.
    In the immortal words of Tom Courtney to me "BLOG TRIUMPHANTLY!

  10. I'm not surprised - typical doll collector mentality and sense of entitlement; this happens every time an exclusive is offered. The WClub used to be fun and relaxing; but lately it's been overrun by a handful of members who seem to be in their own club - dictating to others how to post, what to post, and which threads to post in. I second-guessed my decision to quit collecting, but this latest trainwreck confirmed I made the right decision.

    For those who missed out on Poppy, don't worry ... there will be vet bills to pay, car repairs needed, jobs lost, etc. - you know the drill. They'll all be for sale again in a couple of months ;)

  11. Just for the record to Anonymous and a few others:
    I was not fired from my mod. status - at all and I am still a moderator.
    Would appreciate it if you did not make speculation without anything to back it up.
    If you're that concerned over the comments I posted...please- by all means - write me privately instead of making/venting so rudely here on Terri's blog.
    If I was that wrong - do two wrongs make a right? Aren't you doing just what you accused me of doing?
    What I said was not vile or any of your other adjectives. It was honesty. But, as I mentioned - email me (and use your actual name) if you have that many concerns.
    By the way - just like you feel, that I was a poor loser/sour grapes - others were incredibly ungracious winners.
    As with every story - there are two sides.

    thanks so much,
    talk soon,

  12. I just wanted to say that I too was disappointed with the way this went with Dolls magazine, but I'm more disappointed with the fights and general negativity afterwards. Specifically, the negative comments towards other collectors who DID get the giftset, and others who were disappointed...like Vin, who just voiced what a lot of other people were thinking/feeling in that moment of extreme frustration. Vin's a great guy and spoke his mind that day, and I applaud him for his honesty and putting his feelings out there! I wasn't interested in this Poppy set, but I'm sure I would have been frustrated as well...and I feel that everyone's entitled to vent amongst our fellow collectors when something doesn't go right. That's what a community is about!

    I'm happy for those that got this giftset, and wish there were more sets to go around for everyone else that loved her!


  13. swedishcass1/21/11, 9:41 AM

    i felt the despair when i read the comment on the dollsmagazine.. but now i think most people are calm about it and it is for the best.

    i just wanna comment on something someone said in here.

    like giving the whole allotment to w club.. SERIOUSLY? That sounds like the most selfishness i ever read .. i have nothing against the club, i am part of it now and it is full of lovely people. But, i got my gifset thanks to dollmagazine and without them or the 60 dolls i wldnt have gotten it. i am thanksful to them and to shuga that posted that the link will be in the article and anywhere else and thats why i got lucky and i got it. once i saw it i posted it on the PP right away.

    i just feel sad for the people that really wanted her for what she is, a beautiful doll and not just because she will be a high valued doll ( and paid at a very fair price).

  14. Vin, you are a total sweetheart!

    If I hadn't had a dear collector friend offer me their Poppy set, I would have probably been with you throwing a major hissy fit because I really really wanted that Poppy set!

    Sending big hugs your way.

    Connie in PA