The W Club Takes Down Another Website!

Power to the W Club Members! In an attempt to order the remaining Poppy gift sets, collectors (not just from the W  Club) charged onto the Doll's Magazine website at precisely Noon CST. Almost immediately, the site crashed and stayed crashed for several hours.
People have been leaving comments; here are several:

-I too tried for two hours and even spoke to someone on the phone and was never able to get on to the site. 
 -I would like to thank Dolls Magazine for this wonderful opportunity I was given not being able to buy anything, it was magical and I am grateful.  
-I've also been at working trying to order since 1PM EST time
which is noon CST. Either I get under maintentance or overloaded. 

-Poorly handled. Why offer something for sale if the website to order it can't be used? Now it's sold out? Ridiculous. I'm extremely disappointed in the whole thing. I won't be back here for any more offers. 
-sorry, but the link to WClub members never got online and the doll is sold out? how can that be possible? I heard you took some emails here in this page. it NOT FAIR AT ALL as it was not addressed to all members and once this site is open to the public, anyone could have purchased the doll. please revise it and open the opportunity to ALL MEMBERS to purchase the 60 dolls left to make this thing right.
-This was so poorly handled, it's a disgrace. I wasted two hours on your stupid site waiting for your stupid link to come active, and then you sneakily put up a note to let people know that they can email their order! WTF? What about the rest of us who were using the link YOU provided for us. I will never read your magazine again. 

The liaisons had previously posted that they have nothing to do with how Dolls will be selling the remaining sets. They are a separate entity. So why did the W Club offer any for sale at all? Did Dolls magazine think they wouldn't be able to sell the giftsets. I'm perplexed.

This happens over and over when an outside source sells - except Bergdorf Goodman. That worked seamlessly.


  1. Also posted about this and linked back to this super post.

  2. They should have known better by now... this always happens. I can't wait to see what's going to happen tomorrow at the WClub... in my opinion they looked for a new fairest way of offering a doll, hope it works!!

  3. I just can't believe that the website couldn't handle it. Ticketmaster website has no problem selling the tickets when they announce Janet Jackson is going on sale, and it doesn't crash when they are flooded with orders. Why is it so difficult for FAO and others? If they knew that there was such a limited amount offered and that there were so many collectors still wanting it, why didn't they check their bandwidth earlier or whatever they needed to do to ensure that they could handle the traffic? What really bothers me is that while I was refreshing and refreshing for two plus hours, and being told to come back at 2, in the meantime they put a little message on their website where people could order. How would I have known that was there if I was too busy clicking the link that was sent to me? I would have been happier if they offered all of the dolls as the Club Lottery rather than leaving 60 to be purchased in this manner. My odds may not have been better, but I wouldn't have wasted all that time clicking a link that was never going to work, while meantime there was another place I could have clicked and possibly have gotten one.

    sorry to rant on your blog, but I'm still a little peeved!!


  4. Yes it was a bad situation the way the ordering process was handled but the comments on the Dolls Magazine website were terrible and distasteful. One well known "artist" should be embarassed at his childish rant and many of us have had it with that type of behavior.