Pretty Doll Pictures

I've been crazy busy these last few weeks with new dolls and doll clothes. I finally photographed the Misaki I purchased during the convention in Pittsburgh more than 2 months ago. She is Red Rabbit and I wanted her from the first time I saw her. I sold my entire Misaki collection about three years ago. She is the only one living here.

She is sitting on a little shelf with one of my computer speakers. I am happy to finally have her.

The Evangeline Ghastly stuff keeps flowing in. As of today I have acquired three dressed dolls, nine complete fashions, several separates and accessories such as hats and shoes, wigs and Bella. I have never gone so gaga over a doll. I am quite sure that part of this is my desire to go in a different direction with my collecting. 

A Tangled Web in A Windy Evening coat.
Waiting for Mortimer with Bella.
Everlasting Evangeline in her own outfit with Joe Tai jewelry.
Aren't they gorgeous? The first and third EG's are wigged. I wish they were all wigged dolls. It's so much more fun to be able to change their appearance.

I have been buying clothing for my 16" dolls and filling in here and there. The big girls are getting lots of attention and they look fabulous. I stare at Devon a lot. She is so gorgeous. I'm a little afraid to touch her. I've got lots of stuff for her to try. Right now she is in one of the Tonner Death by Fashion dresses and I just stare at her. I will take a picture....after I finish staring. I haven't even posted a picture of her in this blog yet.  Here she is in Bijou's gown and necklace. The wig is AG Eclectic's (I think.)
These pictures of Devon were taken with a point and shoot camera.
(That's an excuse. Haha)

The next two were taken in the studio.
Original Wig by Pattart

I am having problems with my camera and lighting. My pictures are coming out off color and it may be due to my older strobes. I readjusted the settings inside the camera but I'm not satisfied. I have to do way too much post-processing color adjustment.


  1. I really liked your post of Evangeline's bat! lol! Doesn't she also have a pet skunk in the attic?

  2. @ELISA: Yes there is a skunk called Mouette.

  3. @Teri: Do you think they have free, unlimited botox and wrinkle creme in the afterlife? The one I like too is the "A Wrinkle in Time." Us girls would rather die than develop a wrinkle! ha, ha!

  4. I am glad that you are enjoying your new direction in collecting. I tried collecting the big girls in 2006 but decided they were not for me. However, I really like the new MA Paris......

  5. Beautiful doll photography, Terri. I really like Devon - even in the point-and-shoot pics :)

  6. This Pink dress is amazing!

  7. Evangeline is a wonderfull doll Terri... I'm liking her a lot!

    ...and Devon is wonderfull =)

    Misaki dolls are so terribly sweet... I can't believe you sold all your other Misakis! I have 6 and I can't downsize any more =)