Monster High Furniture

Draculaura Jewelry Box Coffin
Several crappy pieces of plastic - a waste of money.  Make your own bed and use the money to buy another doll. 
Make sure you follow the directions when you attach the top and bottom to the support posts. If you don't press hard and firm, it will not stay together.

Frankie Stein Mirror Bed
The boy dolls do not fit on this "bed." It barely stays balanced when the doll is on. Very dumb.

You may spend more time assembling this piece of junk than you will playing with it.  They overdid it will 'cuteness' and color. The monster-ness doesn't translate well to furniture.

High school related items would be far more appropriate for this line of dolls. Desks, books, a classroom perhaps, science experiments...


  1. I love your posts, they are so funny and wise. I like to start my day with cup of coffee and your new posts on this blog :) Marta

  2. We as consumers expect a lot for very little money..in many respects, you get what you pay for!

  3. So funny! Love you Terri -You're #1 in fun...and photography of course :-)

  4. Why will the "boy doll" want to fit in Dracularas bed and what is Ghulia doing in Frankies bed? I think the target audience doesnt care if there plastic. Lol

  5. 1. The beds are designed and themed for Frankie and Dracualaura, so obviously it will only accommodate female dolls (These beds are obviously not tailored for male Monster High dolls).

    2. I have both beds and they were very easy to assemble. If you read the instructions carefully and have the patience, it should be a breeze to build. They obviously used Frankie and Draculaura's color palettes to design THEIR beds, plus the brand itself is colorful and scary cute. Just because you yourself had a bad experience with the beds, it does not mean they're not worth the money.

    3. This is not a good "critique" or "review" at all, so whoever reads this, should seek out better reviews or buy the beds and pass their own judgments.

  6. The frankie stein bed is called "frankie stein bed" for a reason because ITS JUST FOR FRANKIE STEIN! Besides what would Holt or Deuce or Clawd wanna sleep in a girl's bed full of electricity stuff?