Seen on Prego - Superfrock Salon Exclusive 2011

Collector Shasha posted images of some of her favorite Superfrock Salon Exclusive 2011 items. Impressive.

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Too Close For Comfort?

We've seen over and over again how doll designers use runway fashions for inspiration. We've also seen some outright copies. This one is the latter.

Wunderkind Spring 2011 RTW
Go Home, IFDC Convention Souvenir Doll
Wunderkind's Spring 2011 RTW show took place on October 6, 2010 in Paris. That's a 10 month time span to have a doll ready for an early July, 2011 convention. It almost took that long for me to get a replacement head for a doll! Snark, snark.

Have a look at the entire Wunderkind show.  It's wonderful.  I'd like a few more of these fashions for my dolls! Not this one, however.

A Day of Ennui ~ The Sequel with Ellowyne Wilde

A few seats remain for A Day of Ennui ~ The Sequel with Ellowyne Wilde. Here is the info from Wilde Imagination. http://www.wildeimagination.com/t-MyDebut.aspx?st=174

A Day of Ennui ~ The Sequel with Ellowyne Wilde!
DATE:   Saturday, August 13, 2011
TIME:   11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
LOCATION:   Wiltwyck Country Club, Kingston, NY
COST:    $225
Limited to 150 Guests
*  *  *  *  *  *
Last year Ellowyne hosted a Day of Ennui event, and it was so much fun, we're having another (The Sequel)! The event fee includes a fabulous lunch, an exclusive Ellowyne, a special program celebrating Elloywne's Day of Ennui~The Sequel, and a chance to experience a day in the life of Ellowyne, along with table gifts, surprises, a fun poetry contest, and even a few smiles. After the event, there will be a special signing with Robert Tonner at the Tonner Company Store, along with a display of Ellowyne's favorite looks.
In addition, there will be a Friday evening event at the Tonner Company Store featuring wine, cheese and English scones - with Ellowyne AND Evangeline Ghastly! An exclusive Evangeline will be available for purchase. This after-hours event is free to all A Day of Ennui~The Sequel attendees!
Three competition categories are set, and there's even an additional hat decorating competition that everyone can participate in...maybe even Ellowyne? Check out the competition categories and rules.
We hope to see you there!

Skin Tone Database

There is an excellent resource for skin (vinyl) tones of Integrity Toys dolls maintained by Mandy aka Amanda. The number of vinyl colors keeps growing so keep watching for updates.
Here is a sample image from the blog:

Skin Tone Database


A Fashionable Life Cissy On Sale at The Toy Shoppe

A Fashionable Life Cissy

This Madame Alexander 21" Cissy is way below the original retail and less expensive than I've seen anywhere. I've been looking at this A Fashionable Life Cissy for a long time. Her outfit is so amazing. Check out her shoes! I want her but she'll have to wait.   An African American version is available at the Doll Market for slightly more.

$229.95 at the Toy Shoppe
Toy Shoppe offers free shipping for MA orders of $50 or more. Use code MA11FREE on your check out form.

Sybarite 3 Day Event: "The Scarlet Ribbon Affaire"

I'd like to be a fly on the wall for this.

In case you are wondering what the currency conversion is: £2265 = $3612.22 = €2570.61


Shuga Shug's Pictures of Restyled Rayna

Go Home went from pig-tailed to gorgeous in these redressed, restyled images by Christina aka Shuga Shug.

You can see more of Shuga Shug's pictures on her Flickr.

No, You're Not Going Blind

I got tired of the black background so I am trying out a simple color scheme for the blog. It's easier to read. I hope you all like it.

For another change of pace, I am posting recent pictures of my Tonner Artemis of Bana Mighdall doll. She is the only 13" Tonner doll I have and unless the sculpt gets "prettied" up, there will not be another. It's not easy getting her to look like a she instead of a he.

Artemis wearing "Spring Romance"
It's not like Robert doesn't know a beautiful face. He's sculpted zillions of them. It's just in the last two years he's got this masculine jaw thing going on. For me, it ruined the Miss Revlon fashion doll to which I was looking forward.

Marcella is pictured here wearing Artemis' original outfit.


Go Home, Go North, Go West, Go Green - Updated

IT released official photographs of the dolls and the fashion they provided for the IFDC event which just took place in Las Vegas, Nevada this past week. All registered guests received the convention souvenir and the table fashion. The other dolls were optional purchases.

Convention Souvenir, Go Home LE300.  New Rayna sculpt. Misaki torso with Vampire Bride legs.

Companion Doll, Go North. LE300. Isha sculpt. Fashion Royalty body.
Salesroom Doll, Go West. LE300. Original Natalia Fatale sculpt. Fashion Royalty body.
Table Gift - Fashion Only.  Go Green LE300
My take on this collection: a lot of thought went into the design and the dolls definitely fit the theme of the event.
The convention doll herself is very Misaki-ish as far as styling. The outfit is cute and girly and I would definitely dress my Misaki dolls in this. She needs a little dog, though. The makeup competes with the outfit for attention.
Go North as the Good Witch is lovely in every way and I would give her a wand.
Go West as the Evil Witch is perfect. Up close her face is hard and harsh. Her fashion is definitely sexy and complex. Very nice.
The fashion looks like it belongs in a St. Patrick's Day parade. Just hand this girl a beer. Who is that prototype anyway? I can't tell the difference between some the dolls anymore. It's like a game of mix and match.

For those who do not know, these are vinyl dolls, 12" tall with rooted hair and painted faces. They have applied lashes and 12 points of articulation.