Go Home, Go North, Go West, Go Green - Updated

IT released official photographs of the dolls and the fashion they provided for the IFDC event which just took place in Las Vegas, Nevada this past week. All registered guests received the convention souvenir and the table fashion. The other dolls were optional purchases.

Convention Souvenir, Go Home LE300.  New Rayna sculpt. Misaki torso with Vampire Bride legs.

Companion Doll, Go North. LE300. Isha sculpt. Fashion Royalty body.
Salesroom Doll, Go West. LE300. Original Natalia Fatale sculpt. Fashion Royalty body.
Table Gift - Fashion Only.  Go Green LE300
My take on this collection: a lot of thought went into the design and the dolls definitely fit the theme of the event.
The convention doll herself is very Misaki-ish as far as styling. The outfit is cute and girly and I would definitely dress my Misaki dolls in this. She needs a little dog, though. The makeup competes with the outfit for attention.
Go North as the Good Witch is lovely in every way and I would give her a wand.
Go West as the Evil Witch is perfect. Up close her face is hard and harsh. Her fashion is definitely sexy and complex. Very nice.
The fashion looks like it belongs in a St. Patrick's Day parade. Just hand this girl a beer. Who is that prototype anyway? I can't tell the difference between some the dolls anymore. It's like a game of mix and match.

For those who do not know, these are vinyl dolls, 12" tall with rooted hair and painted faces. They have applied lashes and 12 points of articulation.


  1. I think it is a Luchia modeling the "Go Green" fashion. With so many "go" dolls I will definitly have a hard time remembering who's who. The "Dorothy" with the red curls reminds me of Queen V Veronique SO much... I think I will be entering the lotery for her (even though it is not wise after thinning my collection so much this last week *blush* but I can always convince myself I'm buying her to make a profit on ebay *cough*not*)

  2. Yep she is Luchia/Isha (mold) as far as i can identify.. and she is soo mean, that i lov her...

    BTW I lile a lot that Ranya girl.. now i will enter to the lottery.. ja!! I must have her!!!