Too Close For Comfort?

We've seen over and over again how doll designers use runway fashions for inspiration. We've also seen some outright copies. This one is the latter.

Wunderkind Spring 2011 RTW
Go Home, IFDC Convention Souvenir Doll
Wunderkind's Spring 2011 RTW show took place on October 6, 2010 in Paris. That's a 10 month time span to have a doll ready for an early July, 2011 convention. It almost took that long for me to get a replacement head for a doll! Snark, snark.

Have a look at the entire Wunderkind show.  It's wonderful.  I'd like a few more of these fashions for my dolls! Not this one, however.


  1. I just found Go West's Shoes...
    they are from Alexander Mcqueen Fall/Winter 2011

  2. I think the boots on the model is so much cooler.

  3. There's inspiration, & then there's outright theft. I think this crosses the line.