Shuga Shug's Pictures of Restyled Rayna

Go Home went from pig-tailed to gorgeous in these redressed, restyled images by Christina aka Shuga Shug.

You can see more of Shuga Shug's pictures on her Flickr.


  1. I agree that she looks stunning here, and for the first time I'd believe her as Dorothy. Before with the pigtails she looked really disconnected from the look. Kind of like a stripper wearing a school girl outfit, please forgive the analogy. Yes you're wearing the clothes, but nobody's buying it.
    With her hair down she just seems like being Dorothy is less of a costume, basically.

  2. I knew this girl would be a hit once she was redressed.

  3. I intend to re-make her hair like this if I manage to win her at the lottery!