IFDC "Never Predictable" Doll

One of the three Integrity Toys' dolls at this year's IFDC was "Never Predictable." I purchased her on an impulse as I love that long curly haired style and the gown looked pretty. 

I was not disappointed with the fashion. It's not what I would call great but it is made very well and fits beautifully. I don't love the color. The accessories were matching shoes with fiddly string ties that I had to tape to the back of her legs, panties, a chunky gold metal bangle and boring earrings and a ring. There were full-length gloves as well which I didn't even try to put on as I don't have the patience for gloves like that.

I don't like the sculpt at all. She's very hard-looking. Her face looks all angled and pointy to me. Her sculpt is called Adaline King and I think she must have been one of the color infusion faces. Why would they do that for a convention companion doll? 

So, I will try to sell her head.

I have redressed an older Vanessa in the fashion and I am pleased. She is holding her hand up because I had to put a touch of glue on the back of the finger wearing the ring. I do that with all my dolls who wear rings. The glue comes off with no residue and I don't lose rings.


Gene Marshall Doll to Retire for the Third Time

It has been announced that the current Gene Marshall line, produced by Jamieshow, will be retired in 6 months at the 2018 Jamieshow Palm Springs Convention. The event is being called "A Fashion Retrospective & Farewell to Gene" and takes place February 16-18th at the Riviera Palm Springs Resort & Spa.


Here is the link to the announcement. Note: if the link goes nowhere, just copy it and paste it in your browser address window. Blogger is not working properly for me for some reason.