Excellent Tonner Body Comparison Photo from Dreamcastle Dolls

Dreamcastle Dolls' website has a fantastic Tonner database.  I have used it quite often.
This photo is posted there. Of all these bodies, my favorite is Antoinettes. Cami has the same body as do several other characters who came after Antoinette.

Check out the entire site:


Part I. Celebrating my 16" Tonner Dolls with the BW Body

Over the last few years, my 16" Tonner Doll collection has been thinned extensively. The few purchases I've made were fashions that I used to have and regretted selling.
I have begun to catalog my remaining dolls, sorting them by body type. I begin with the 16" BW (bending wrist) Tyler body. It was, of course, used for many characters. In later years, numerous collectors clamored for change to increase the flexibility of the doll and the appearance of the knee joint.

All of these photos were shot with an iPhone X in daylight, some using fill flash.

"Fill flash is a photographic technique used to brighten deep shadow areas, typically outdoors on sunny days, though the technique is useful any time the background is significantly brighter than the subject of the photograph, particularly in backlit subjects." 


SDCC 2008 Comicon Supergirl Exclusive LE wearing Tyler Boutique "Midnight Sparkle"


DC Comics "Kara of Krypton" wearing  The Blonde Bombshell's Fashion


"Hearts Aflame" Shauna wearing "Opera Gala"
This doll's hair was originally heat-reactive and would change color when touched. That effect faded away long ago.


Tyler as Theatre de la Mode "Swept Away" 2006
This is one of the most highly sought after Tonner doll. Not only is her face the classic beauty, Tyler, but the stunning fashion is also beautifully constructed.
I have given her a BW body.

The colors of the panels change around the back. Just gorgeous!


Sydney "Hautes Coleurs" PFDF 2006 Exclusive wearing "Look of Luxe"


Sydney "Dark Embrace" wearing "Influential" Antoinette's Dress
(And that's why it's too tight.)


Signature Style Tyler wearing C'est Magnifique


Next up will be Dolls with the Antoinette Body.