Last Few Hours to Sign Up for W Club 2011

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The end of the sign up period for this year's W Club membership is on Friday, January 21 at 10 AM CST.


Note From Mel Odom

Those who were members of the extinct Gene Marshall W Club were sent an email from Mel Odom. I have reproduced it here:

This is Mel, getting back in touch with you gals and guys.  Integrity is being kind enough to post this for me.  Confession time!  I fully intended to continue blogging after Gene's retirement, but I have continually come up with reasons and/or excuses not to.  The technical challenge was the problem at the beginning.  It's trickier than you think (I found).  After dragging my heels, writing things and not posting them and all sorts of avoidance measures, I think, maybe, I have a solution.

I'm inviting you all to become my friends on Facebook.  I have been able to post all kinds of interesting things on my FB page recently like a lovely 1986 interview with Gene Tierney filmed on the French Riviera.   She's dressed in a lovely pink Chanel suit and speaking flawless French and it's great to see her looking happy and together at that point in her life.  Also, I posted a very clever and beautifully filmed Christmas greeting that my convention buddy Steve Hayes shot this past holiday season.  Plus, I have music I that love, personal videos and photos of my cat and me and Charlie and Marsha and my drawings and paintings.  You get the picture; I have a lot of stuff that I think you might enjoy.  And you can see it whenever you want to by just clicking on my page http://www.facebook.com/people/Mel-Odom/1377156561

 So, ask me to be your friend on FaceBook and just write "Gene Marshall" as your message and I'll friend you immediately.  And you can start sharing with me.  You can post responses as well.  Think of the  POWER!!   So join me; I'll be thrilled to have you as friends.

Happy NewYear kids!

And play nice.


Ruby Wanted to Say Hello

Ruby got to wear a new outfit today. It's a hand knit romper with a pewter button. It's so adorable. She's got her red leather Boneka shoes on. The hat is from a Barbie set.

Ruby is a tiny resin BJD from FairyLand Dolls.  She's one of the PukiPukis.

Tonner Virtual Factory Sale - Flex Those Fingertips!

 The link below will take you to the Tonner Virtual sale. Expect a crowd which will create a slow-moving experience and delays. But it can be fun just to look around.