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Steampunk Goes Wilde

Ellowyne Wilde - Letting Off Steam (LE300)

Amber Stanhope - Steamrolled (LE150)

Rufus Rutter - Steam Punked (LE125)
Effanbee's 100th Birthday Party

Attendees received "Centennial Patsyette" who is a hard plastic doll with blink eyes. (LE 150)


The Browncoats Breakfast

Souvenir doll, Morena Baccarin as Inara Sera (Sihnon - LE200) Malcolm Reynolds Centerpiece (Captain Malcolm Reynolds - Browncoat - LE50)

See this link for more information about this former TV series.


->>>Watch Robert Tonner do Mr. Rogers and Beyonce - not exactly at the same time but watch anyway.

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"Unforgettable" The Tonner Revlon Event

Yay! I pre-paid for this souvenir doll a few months ago and I'm thrilled! This is the new 13" Revlon doll. She is called "Glamorous Red" and is a new sculpt on a new 13" fashion body. She is just a little taller than my Fashion Royalty! This is going to be FUN.She is midway between Tiny Kitty at 10" and Tyler at 16" and I'm looking forward to seeing the fashions Robert will create for her. Knowing him, there will be an extensive (and expensive) line of clothing. Miss Revlon dolls were all the rage when I was a child and I'm sure I had a Little Miss Revlon amongst the Ginny dolls. She certainly didn't look like that.

I have been very tempted to purchase a vintage LMR but not knowing anything about vintage dolls, I decided that it wasn't a good idea. I know mine had dark hair, high heels, earrings, lipstick and that's all I remember.

Lest I forget in my excitement...at this event there was a 16" version centerpiece called Glamorous Red who has the Breathless sculpt and sports an Antoinette body. LE 100.

Tonner Doll Company's 2010 Annual Convention in Lombard, IL

The theme of this Tonner convention is "The Sun, The Moon and The Stars." It will celebrate the fashion and pop culture influences in Robert Tonner's doll designs. Sounds fabulous, doesn't it? I am not at the convention, unfortunately, but I am following it on the Tonner convention blog and through friends.
On opening night an event called "Let Them Eat Cake" was held.  Attendees received a souvenir doll called "Takes the Cake." She is a new sculpt referred to as "Duchess." Here is a shot made by my friend Natasha Powers:
Duchess has a lovely sculpt with big eyes and well defined lips. I think that she will be a favorite for repainters.

There were three centerpieces on each table and congratulations to those who won because they are gorgeous. Here are the photos from the Tonner site of those three dolls:
Madame et le Citron - Sydney sculpt - LE100
Madame a la Menthe - Daphne sculpt - LE100
Madame a la Framboise - Kit sculpt - LE100
These are completely adorable! I adore the Sydney sculpt and I love the pink outfit.

More to follow. Stay tuned.


Integrity Announces a BIC Exclusive: Two New Nu.Fantasy Dolls

Yuri and Kumi have returned (in name only.) Kumi "Snow White" and Yuri "Rose Red" are now dressed in almost identical frilly dresses adorned with tulle, lace, bows, ribbons and embroidered crosses. Their makeup is simplified. Their hair is also identical in style to eachother. One holds a poison apple and the other a magical hand mirror.

The image above is the property of Integrity Toys.

Pre-ordering began on May 17th. Price for each doll is 21,000 yen which translates to about $235. at today's exchange rates. Kazue at BIC is providing free shipping!

The first Kumi, "Wild Wolf," came with several fabulous pieces of clothing. I paid $300 plus $22. shipping for that giftset from Savadoll in Canada at the end of October 2008. That was an outrageous price two years ago and still is, but unfortunately I've been conditioned to expect rising prices.I never did get a NRFB Yuri but I did manage to get her outfit very cheaply at the 2008 convention and I picked up a nude doll for $187. in November. Her actual retail price was $213. No wonder I didn't buy her at first.

In the last two images above, the girls have been redressed in Soom dresses, lingerie and handbags. Black shoes are Nu.Face, dog is a OOAK felted poodle (one of the Rudettes.) Jewelry is from different sources. Yuri was given a haircut and a few freckles by me.
I think the new dolls are not as interesting as the original Yuri and Kumi. They lack the character, individuality and design finesse of the originals. The dresses and dolls are pretty but not remarkable or unique. The pictures of them are excellent and that's a good thing.

Gettiing back to the new dolls, I searched the interned with the terms "Gothic Lolita" and "Japanese Goth" and came up with many interesting images. I don't know if the designer of the new dolls had any particular style in mind. I don't care when designers copy runway couture for dolls. I like it. They all do it. Here are three I would have loved for dolls:

They are very sophisticated and remind me of what Jason would offer. Well, maybe not the first one. LOL.

Here are several "Japanese Goth" images featuring real girls:
The frilly, lacy dolls and these girls are perfectly suited to each other.


What Are They Thinking? Auction of the Day

Be sure to read the long-winded text to see what your $35,000. will buy for you.


"...breathing fairy glitter must somehow damage one's ability to think clearly and cause bizarre and duplicitous behavior."

I think so, too.

Picture of the Week Award ~ May 16, 2010 ~ Karine at Fleur de Lys

When I look at Karine's photographs, it's almost impossible to pick a favorite. This one jumped off the monitor and grabbed me! The pose is so unusual and well done. The fact that one cannot see part of the doll is intriguing. The doll is a Sybarite named Tock. She was released at the Paris Fashion Doll Festival earlier this year. Be sure to click on the image to see it full sized. See more of Karine's gorgeous Sybarites and other dolls at this link.

Congratulations, Karine, on the picture of the week!