More from the Tonner Convention

Steampunk Goes Wilde

Ellowyne Wilde - Letting Off Steam (LE300)

Amber Stanhope - Steamrolled (LE150)

Rufus Rutter - Steam Punked (LE125)
Effanbee's 100th Birthday Party

Attendees received "Centennial Patsyette" who is a hard plastic doll with blink eyes. (LE 150)


The Browncoats Breakfast

Souvenir doll, Morena Baccarin as Inara Sera (Sihnon - LE200) Malcolm Reynolds Centerpiece (Captain Malcolm Reynolds - Browncoat - LE50)

See this link for more information about this former TV series.


->>>Watch Robert Tonner do Mr. Rogers and Beyonce - not exactly at the same time but watch anyway.

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  1. It is a conspiracy to make me collect Ellowyne, LOL. First they snuck Antoinette into my collection, now they are trying to get Ellowyne in. Curse you Red Baron!!!


  2. Wow, that is a GORGEOUS Ellowyne. I'll be going to the "Day of Ennui" this August, and I can only hope that the doll they give our there will be as stunning.

    I literally squealed when I saw the Amber Stanhope doll.