Tonner Doll Company's 2010 Annual Convention in Lombard, IL

The theme of this Tonner convention is "The Sun, The Moon and The Stars." It will celebrate the fashion and pop culture influences in Robert Tonner's doll designs. Sounds fabulous, doesn't it? I am not at the convention, unfortunately, but I am following it on the Tonner convention blog and through friends.
On opening night an event called "Let Them Eat Cake" was held.  Attendees received a souvenir doll called "Takes the Cake." She is a new sculpt referred to as "Duchess." Here is a shot made by my friend Natasha Powers:
Duchess has a lovely sculpt with big eyes and well defined lips. I think that she will be a favorite for repainters.

There were three centerpieces on each table and congratulations to those who won because they are gorgeous. Here are the photos from the Tonner site of those three dolls:
Madame et le Citron - Sydney sculpt - LE100
Madame a la Menthe - Daphne sculpt - LE100
Madame a la Framboise - Kit sculpt - LE100
These are completely adorable! I adore the Sydney sculpt and I love the pink outfit.

More to follow. Stay tuned.

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