Tonner's Twilight Saga "Forever Edward"

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Robert Pattison as Edward Cullen
I must say there is absolutely no resemblance at all to Edward Cullen other than the tuxedo. The hair, the eyes brows, the mouth and the look and pretty much everything else is off. It's too bad because I love a male doll in a tux.

Madra Week: Post #2

These photos were posted by Meg on The Studio Commissary.  Meg's dolls are seriously addicted to cigarettes. The second doll is, of course, Trent.


It's Madra Week!

The theme this week on The Studio Commissary is Madra and the photography is stunning.
Take a look at these three posted by Jurrie and let him know what you think in your comments.

Jurrie knows how to stage, light and compose an excellent photograph. Each of the pictures above is perfection IMO.

Want to see more? Click here for The STUDIO COMMISSARY
The SC is free to join. It's a friendly doll board where the Gene Marshall genre is alive and thriving. Other dolls are pictured as well most often dressed in Gene era appropriate fashion.


Annual Facets Picnic

The weather turned out to be glorious for the annual picnic put on by Marcia Friend at her home in New Jersey. This was our fourth time and although the skies ahead looked ominous for a while, it was a sunny and mild day to sit outside and mingle with other doll collectors.
A dense line of clouds appeared over the bridge.
If you haven't been to Marcia's let me just say that seeing her doll collection is like going to a modern fashion doll museum. The dolls aren't just hanging out in cases, they are arranged in artistic tableaus with the finest furniture and props. While most of her collection on display consists of 16" dolls, smaller and larger dolls are included as well. In fact, her Cissy dolls are just to die for.
You might get a tiny idea from these shots:

Don't forget that you can click on any image to enlarge it.

Guests are invited to bring dolls along to display.

Paul Pham brought a OOAK Numina to display whose photo I have previously published.   Paul was surrounded most of the time by admiring collectors.

Adrian brought two of his Numina.

And there was food. Lots of yummy food. Rudy was a good boy. He stayed on the cool grass, under a table in the shade.

A fun part of the afternoon is the "free table." People send and/or bring doll stuff for this event. The crazed collectors (yes, I am part of that group) are held back until the GO signal is given and a free-for-all ensues. I was actually pushed very hard by a man whose name I don't even know. Some people are very serious about getting their free stuff. :-)

Our hostess:

But wait; there's more! Door prizes galore. Many were provided by collectors and many were provided by Wilde Imagination.  The prizes were very generous and lots of lucky attendees went home with great stuff.

It's always a fun day when spent with other doll people.