Tonner's Twilight Saga "Forever Edward"

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Robert Pattison as Edward Cullen
I must say there is absolutely no resemblance at all to Edward Cullen other than the tuxedo. The hair, the eyes brows, the mouth and the look and pretty much everything else is off. It's too bad because I love a male doll in a tux.


  1. I say this with all due respect, but whoever paints the Tonner faces (as in the original prototype design) is not very adept at capturing likenesses. It's not the sculpt, because a few very skilled repainters are able to paint the sculpt beautifully.
    If you look at the doll's face, his eyebrows are arched. Now look at Edward's face...his brows are darker and straight.

  2. With one exception--the Lord of the Rings character played by Viggo Mortenson--not one "authorized likeness" of a Tonner doll resembles the performer portrayed unless the doll is repainted. Not one. The Nicole Kidman, Ava Gardner, Clark Gable et al dolls all look "suggested by" in the manner of "Barbie as ..." than the real deal. I was burned twice on pre-orders--NEVER AGAIN.

    The most glaring example would be the Marilyn Monroe doll currently out.
    Tyler Wentworth's body sculpt is all wrong for Marilyn and the facial sculpt is not vaguely accurate.

  3. I completely agree with both the prior comments.
    The actual modeling of the face may be adequate but the final painted product is very disappointing.
    I also was very disappointed by the Marilyn doll since the face is bland and the proportions are totally off. When you do someone everyone has seen a million times you better do it right.
    As for the Tux.....
    No one would accept that bad a fit in a full scale suit and I doubt that many of Tonner's customers would buy something this shoddy for a female doll. With menswear fit is everything....and this doesn't fit at all.
    Look at the how the jacket fits...or more accurately doesn't fit at the neck. It looks like he is wearing a size 52 portly suit on a 42 frame.
    As always love the blog.
    Will C.

    The Andy Mills doll a while back had the same problem. His suit was a mess.

  4. Why, Terri? The hair color is pretty much the same ;-))