It's Madra Week!

The theme this week on The Studio Commissary is Madra and the photography is stunning.
Take a look at these three posted by Jurrie and let him know what you think in your comments.

Jurrie knows how to stage, light and compose an excellent photograph. Each of the pictures above is perfection IMO.

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The SC is free to join. It's a friendly doll board where the Gene Marshall genre is alive and thriving. Other dolls are pictured as well most often dressed in Gene era appropriate fashion.


  1. Agreed - Jurrie is one of the best! I always look forward to seeing his photos. Every one is perfection.

  2. not surprised you've choosen his pictures as your fav this week, Jurrie is one of my FAVORITE photographers ...even if I don't collect the dolls he photographs he always gets me looking at them!!

    1. I chose him first. There are more to come as so many great photographers post on SC and Prego, too.