Spring Dressing

I know lots of collectors who change their dolls' clothing according to holidays, to the season and such. I rarely redress my dolls just because of the weather or time of year. However, there's always a first time. Several of my Gene Marshall dolls were getting tired of what they were wearing and were begging me to get out some springtime frocks for them.
Here is the result.

Fashion Designer: Tim Kennedy : Blue Fox Gene Wearing Somewhere Summer

Fashion Designer: Veronica Alvarado :  Spotted in the Park
Fashion Designer: George Sarofeen  : J'Adore Gene Wearing Will You Marry Me?
Rogue Rose Gene in Sandra Stillwell's Delicate Bloom
Fashion Designer: Timothy Alberts : Dark Desire Madra Wearing Incognito
This entire photoshoot was disappointing to me because I feel the background in the last three images detracts from the dolls. There's not enough contrast and it's too busy with the gazebo and the ivy. It was a good idea that went wrong. The dolls look much better in person.
Not every photo session goes well. I hate when that happens. Perhaps redressing a bunch of dolls at one time is not a good idea. I feel uninspired.


Back to Black and Gene Marshall

Yes, you've arrived at the right blog. I have decided to go back to using the original black background of my blog. The former, though eminently readable, was too pink for my taste. I've made a few other changes as well and will begin to list my sales items with photos once again.

Gene likes it.

Ashton Drake's Blue Fox Gene Marshall wearing "Somewhere Summer"

Deva Doll Angelo

Deva Angelo is gorgeous.  He arrived today as did the Chewin outfit I had purchased a few weeks ago. That was a nice coincidence.
Angelo is a 16" resin BJD with a great body. His stringing is a bit looser than I'm used to but he stands well on his own Deva stand.  I have to get a few wigs for him but in the meanwhile, I love him just the way he is.  His face was painted by Chewin, a master painter and clothier.
These are cell phone pix. I wanted to share him right away. He will get plenty of time in my studio soon.

I have to admit that Angelo is the priciest doll I've ever acquired and I had to sell a couple of items to cover him and the other goodies that are on their way. Sometimes you do get what you pay for.

Just four months in to 2014 and it's time to put the brakes on!

When have I heard that before?

Principessa™ Barbie® Doll

A new Silkstone doll debuted today. She is called Principessa. Here is the description from the Barbie Collector website:
Per Cent’Anni! “For a Hundred Years” is the perfect toast to our stunning bride. Principessa Barbie® doll says “Si” to a life of amore, dressed in an ivory wedding dress extravagantly embellished with sequined silvery embroidery and capped with romantic puff sleeves. The tea length skirt is lined in organza and worn over a demure petticoat. Inspired by classic Italian cinema, the close-up worthy accessories include a rhinestone-studded tiara worn with an ivory veil, shortie gloves, “bouquet,” and prayer “book.”
The doll retails for $125.

If nothing else, Mattel excels in their photograph and settings. This is a fabulous example of the work that they put into presenting their Silkstone dolls. I want to know who that doll is with the crossed legs! Is this a sign of things to come? She looks like a Silkie.

As for the bride, she won't be joining my collection as I've sworn off adding more Silkstones unless one comes along that is killer amazing. Principessa has a lovely face but the dress doesn't wow me.


Photo of the Day and a New Doll Board

Here's some incredible eye candy for you from LBx/France. Do you think she is a Numina freak?

I love the rainbow wigs and Qipao. For those readers who may not be familiar with these dolls, they are the creations of Paul Pham, 16" resin BJDs.  http://dollcis.com/

The photo was posted on a new doll board called FBJDMingel.