Spring Dressing

I know lots of collectors who change their dolls' clothing according to holidays, to the season and such. I rarely redress my dolls just because of the weather or time of year. However, there's always a first time. Several of my Gene Marshall dolls were getting tired of what they were wearing and were begging me to get out some springtime frocks for them.
Here is the result.

Fashion Designer: Tim Kennedy : Blue Fox Gene Wearing Somewhere Summer

Fashion Designer: Veronica Alvarado :  Spotted in the Park
Fashion Designer: George Sarofeen  : J'Adore Gene Wearing Will You Marry Me?
Rogue Rose Gene in Sandra Stillwell's Delicate Bloom
Fashion Designer: Timothy Alberts : Dark Desire Madra Wearing Incognito
This entire photoshoot was disappointing to me because I feel the background in the last three images detracts from the dolls. There's not enough contrast and it's too busy with the gazebo and the ivy. It was a good idea that went wrong. The dolls look much better in person.
Not every photo session goes well. I hate when that happens. Perhaps redressing a bunch of dolls at one time is not a good idea. I feel uninspired.


  1. Hi Terry, you picked some wonderful outfits! I understand, how you feel, in fact I never redress more than one doll at a time. Anyway, the background works for the third picture and also the last one is not bad. It detracts from the fourth, but the dress is amazing!

    1. Thank you for your comments. In the fourth picture I think the doll is wrong for that dress as well. I'm waiting for my JamieShow Violet and I will put it on her to see if the contrast of darker skin works.

  2. I believe Violet has the right complexion fot that dress, looking forward for the pictures of her!

  3. Gorgeous frocks! I don't think the last three photos aren't good, but I think I see what you are talking about. The first two photos are stunning.